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  1. Yeah i downloaded all Direct-x files and all that shit and then it still happens. Singel player works fine and sa-mp works fine =./ Please help.
  2. It Didn't apear What can i do? please help i wanna play it shows the 2 rockstar logos Spray painted then it goes to a black screen and i have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to end the game or Restart my PC.
  3. Ok well i re bought gta sa v2 i put in v1 no cd crack cause i dont like useing the CD now i start mta it goes to the 2 rockstar logos i left click to skip and then it goes to a black screen. Any help?
  4. I have the original disc its just a pain to insert it each time. So i use the No Cd crack.
  5. I have the gta sa Downloaded 600mg one wheere it unpacks, I get gta to start with mta it says "Paulpbaker.com" then after that it freezes to a black screen i have to CTRL+ALT+Delete to quit it
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