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  1. Got the same issue, definitely related to player connect/join.
  2. Which one? FabienWang's? It didn't show errors for me and lacked a few features I would like to have, also, I just wanted to create something in C#.
  3. Correct! However, it's a lot easier to use.
  4. As title said, a Lua compiler! Basic C# project of mine, compiles files or entire resources. Features: General If there is an error during compiling it will be detected and shown to you Option to update meta.xml with new path Option to only update/compile clientside files Specify which file extension the new file should have Option to prompt before overwriting Option to keep items in the list for regular use Option to set default directory for files/resources Settings save in between sessions Launch the portable program from anywhere, it will create the necessary files itself
  5. GUIEditor.staticimage[1] = guiCreateStaticImage(187, 59, 64, 64, "images/UNKNOWN.png", false, GUIEditor.tab[1]) my guess is that that fails, make sure the image exists and is noted in meta.xml
  6. No idea where I had to put this anyway, I do "restart theResource" in console and client crashes. Only happen sometimes, server does not crash and other clients also do not crash. I have a .dmp file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s37guqyxzwq9n0u/client_1.4-unstable-4091.0.000_gtasa_003c759a_5_DGM_0BB2A8C0_55F3_FFF_8C0D6_20120512_2310.dmp using the newest 1.4n: 4091. On resource stop I save 2 xml files client side, set some account data from elementData server. On start I load 2 xml files and set elementData from accountData. I would like to know why this occurs and if it is the resource it'
  7. That must be it, Slothman. Jaysd1, it's not my script because it does return material etc.
  8. I have tried in two scripts, one with firing a projectile which succesfully retrieved material id but not worldModelID. Also in this script: addCommandHandler("removeObject", function (playerSource) showCursor(true) addEventHandler("onClientClick", getRootElement(), clickRemoveObject) end ) function clickRemoveObject(button, state, x, y) local cx,cy,cz = getCameraMatrix() wx, wy, wz = getWorldFromScreenPosition(x,y, 1000) hit, hX, hY, hZ, hitEl, nX, nY, nZ, mat, light, piece, ModelID, ModelPosX, ModelPosY, ModelPosZ = processLineOfSight(cx,cy,cz,wx,wy,wz, true, false ,f
  9. I tried something like that but it didn't work. That probably does, although that problem is somewhat solved i really want to know why the ped's don't die. Thanks though! EDIT: The ped's didnt die because i spawned them at 0,0,0 then warped them to a vehicle far away. Which caused them to be desynced. But now the ped's die but the car's keep exploding, sort of. The onVehicleExlode doesn't get called after once though.
  10. Thanks, problem is now: I found out that the Ped's do die when not being warped. When they get warped to their vehicle to cant be killed anymore. The vehicle can be blown when not occupied, the ped's can be killed when they are not in vehicle. But if i warp them, they get invincible. function convoy( number ) if number == 1 then car1 = createVehicle(470, 1839.328125,281.9150390625,23.716369628906,0,0,94.788726806641) car2 = createVehicle(433, 1810.673828125,278.4248046875,21.178592681885,0,0,94.865631103516) car3 = createVehicle(470, 1777.3564453125,276.9091796875,19.094444274902,0,0,86
  11. Will try that, i will look around for those but i dont think i have any canceling scrips unless it's enabled by default. EDIT: Oh misread you but yeah that is what i meant, maybe there is a other solution: I create my ped's server side and warp them into a vehicle. Then i send a clientevent which creates blips for the peds and creates a onClientRender for dxDrawText. But, i want it to draw only when the ped is alive. Any idea? Also, if you create a blip on a ped will it be deleted when it dies? EDIT2: Something is very wrong , i did stopall then started runcode which also started ajax, i
  12. First, my ped's won't die. I spawn a car, spawn a ped, warp ped in vehicle, bind a blip to it. When i shoot the vehicle it just stays in flames explodes and stays in flames unlimited. Why are my ped's invulnerable? Server Side: function convoy( number) if number == 1 then car1 = createVehicle(470, 1839.328125,281.9150390625,23.716369628906,0,0,94.788726806641) car2 = createVehicle(433, 1810.673828125,278.4248046875,21.178592681885,0,0,94.865631103516) car3 = createVehicle(470, 1777.3564453125,276.9091796875,19.094444274902,0,0,86.532409667969) ped1 = createPed(287, 0,0,0,0,0,0, true)
  13. So i call a server event from clientside, but it repeats endless. Idk why. This is what calls it: Client Side function vehCreate() if guiGetVisible(grid_cars) == true then selectedGrid = grid_cars elseif guiGetVisible(grid_bikes) == true then selectedGrid = grid_bikes elseif guiGetVisible(grid_air) == true then selectedGrid = grid_air elseif guiGetVisible(grid_misc) == true then selectedGrid = grid_misc end if source == button_vehicle_create_warp then warp = true elseif source == button_vehicle_create then warp = false end selectedVeh1, selectedVeh2 = guiGridListGetSelected
  14. ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 3/22/2012, 19:37:36 Machine name: FABIO-PC Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.111118-2330) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: MSI System Model: MS-7599 BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.3GHz Memory: 12288MB RAM Available OS Memory: 12288MB RAM Page File: 4711MB used, 19861MB availabl
  15. It is my PC i think, it works on my other pc... EDIT: It seems to crash on the appearance of the top bar, what displays players and resources and fps. What it used to create that and what could i try to install to help it?
  16. Also done that before, well. I appreciate that you tried to help me EDIT: I tried it on my other pc, and it works. And i noticed after my message comes, that the bar at top appears. Maybe that causes the crash?
  17. I re-installed it over 20 times... Are there any stuff like framework and stuff that it needs? Lol, i cant say "poop"
  18. Done,didn't work. Changed it back to normal since i have bad experience with DEP.
  19. Source Multi Theft Auto Server Summary Stopped working Date ‎3/‎21/‎2012 06:20 PM Status No solution available Description Faulting Application Path: D:\Games\MTA SA 1.3\server\MTA Server.exe Problem signature Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: MTA Server.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4f6344eb Fault Module Name: StackHash_e98d Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Offset: 00705920 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Data: 00000008 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1
  20. It's a fresh install, so i doubt it. Any advice on what resources that could be? Although it shuts down with a error at windows. So i do not think that is it. EDIT: Yeah removed every start-up resource and it still happens. Also, 1.1.1 doesnt work either
  21. Done that, Administrator. XP Compability. Tried those... btw it works from menu i think it's called local server or something.
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