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  1. Hi there I just wanted to give people, who can't afford a server, the chance to have one; Though, it has some requirements. Some information on the server: Location (from ''whatismyipaddress.com'') Country: Germany City: Cologne IP Connection speed: 100Mb Max. Slots: Offering up to 100 Operative System: Debian(Linux) Requirements: -Server has to have regular players -You must make your own script Dissadvantages: -Server stop/start/restart has to be made manually, though, I'm online most of the time, this shouldn't be a problem If you're interested, pm me. Rega
  2. Hey I'm on a dedicated server, all the ports are forwarded. I'm really confused Regards, Mark.
  3. What would you recomend me to do? Thanks, Mark.
  4. Hey there I'm doubting how to do this. When I addupgrade to cars with commands, people don't see it, also when I create a ramp nobody sees it, only me or the one who spawned it, how can I fix this? Thanks in advice, Mark.
  5. Hey there Just had a good idea to keep cheaters away, I've seen quite a few examples of this on various servers. There is a list of admins that shows in the left inferior corner, showing the admins online. I'm not a very good lua scripter, but if you can help, this will be made easily! Thanks, Mark.
  6. Hi there. First of all, thanks for your interest in reading this post; It's very important to get this working, so I'm going to do this post the most especific I can, and the clearest I can. First of all, my machine runs under Ubuntu, Linux. Right now I'm using the Debian dedicated server installation. Everything seems to be fine; Server starts up, runs gamemodes, can connect and play. Here comes the trouble: When I try to download from my server I get several errors: - Download Error #8 - Download Error #0-28 - Before downloading, screen stays black for a while. These erros don't jus
  7. Hey there again. I use my own redirect site for the downloads, not the MTA Beta. I'm not running the server on my computer, it's on a dedicated machine from a company. I have tried dissabling http downloads and self http downloads, I have tried in different HTTP websites which I uploaded the resources; Also tried downloading them my self. I repeat: Only the freeroam script downloads work and wavescript, paintball and superweapons. I am about to give up, because I can not run a server with 60 people and have no admin. Please, if you have a suggestion, do let me know, because I'm on a borde
  8. To be honest, I'm not really sure. I enabled HTTP server and HTTP download, and redirected to my redirect website with the resources. It's not fixed though, it will only download the Freeroam script, not the admin, nor anything else, so I'm quite of confused. Really weird. Check if everything was correct, downloadable etc, and it was fine, really weird. Hope I could help you. Regards, Mark.
  9. Fixed my server now! It's now a freeroam server, feel free to visit it any time. The IP is posted above. Thanks, Mark.
  10. Hi there! I've reciently tried to set up an MTA server, but I'm having some trouble. Ther server starts up fine, infact I get to connect through it in the server list, the problem is when downloading. It will refuse to redirect me. Disconnects me giving a #0-9 download error. When I open console I see this: Download error: Server denied you to change to the given directory I've tried turning on and off http redirect, still didn't work. If you want to try joining the server, you always can. The IP: I have tried downloading from the redirect I set and it works perfect
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