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    Rp servers

    Roleplay eh? I was waiting for someone to bring it up! I (sometimes) host a roleplay listen server on TS2.0 but right now I dont think there are any for MTA, im really waiting for the next version for obvios reasons.
  2. Hey! Ive noticed that alot of people will leave their rides behind and take a new one and not destroy it..because of the lack of vehicles, its annoying! Sometimes I will join a server and there arent any vehicles at the start place, so what im wondering is will there be a "Destroy All Idle Vehicles" button (for admins), or vote with that? (And if im being an uber newbie.. I didnt notice if the vehicles respawned after a long period of time ) ;
  3. Yeah .. e_e I just had to update to 1.1 Love it! Great job MTA team
  4. ugh. In-game are you suppost to be able to see what your typing? Noone responds to me, and when I press t, type something then enter I see nothing and noone responds. .. eh? eh?
  5. In the Multi Theft Auto (not the launcher), around the middle of the screen there is three buttons, the bottom of those three is Send Game Request.
  6. Which version? Will it be in .3.5 or .4? & Hurrah!
  7. Dekoth

    Ingame Chat

    Good Idea! I'll be willing to try if there are any servers, wonder if there are ... Mabye someone can list they're server?
  8. First you should read the readme Next, after you connect to a server and the "LED" light blinks (orange-lightorange), go to GTA3 and start an MTA game, alt+tab back into MTA and click Send Game Request button, alt+tab back into GTA 3 and wait a bit, the credits should go away and you will be able to pick your team. Note: You should pick diablo because of known problems with mafia... Note2: I have to do the whole process over again (twice) to get players to show up and stuff, dunno if its just me Good luck
  9. I found this too, also sometimes when I did a drive-by shot (And was disconnected but didnt know it), they would whip out their uzi in the same direction (so left & left etc) in sync!
  10. Suggestions Somehow, someway, make it so other players arent able to jump in your car, mabye a way to lock the car? Unlock police cars Anti-Cheat Technoledgy! - I was able to turn on cheats such as cornerslikemad - giving me the "car-jump" ability, and really really fast turns. Synchronized Car Horns and printable morse code reference Alot of these are probably gonna be implemented anyway, but I like to give friendly reminders
  11. Hurraaaaaay!! *claps happily* If its done within a few hours, it'll a B-day present, practicly..even though its not directed towards me... eh..whatever, my Birthday is today and yeah! Great work MTA team! Edit - Question, will players-on-radar feature be included? Edit2 - Nother question Will in-game chat work? ^^;
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