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  1. Yeah. What about objects made with createObject calls on the server side? How do those objects get sent to the player, are they loaded on join or are they lazily loaded when needed? If they are loaded on join I guess we'll just implement client side cache for our maps.
  2. Ah, that explains it. Seems the same could be said about client side scripts. I would have preferred a choice perhaps. But I'm sure we can script our way around it, thanks for the information.
  3. Aren't .map files just like client side resources? There must be a way to cache maps in the same way.
  4. I have a question about the inner workings of the file downloads. Each time a player joins our server they get a download of roughly 300kb. This number appears to change a bit also. I want to know what this download is. I was under the impression that client side scripts and maps are the only things that need to be downloaded from the server and that they where cached on the client side. Why is it then that there still is a 300kb download each time you join? Our server is hosted on debian although I don't think this is exclusively a linux issue. Any help or information is appreciated as thi
  5. Thanks a lot for both of those links!
  6. Does anyone still have this old race map? Or at least know who made it originally so I can give credit if I decide to make a re-make (I remember it by heart). It was a buffalo race through the forests to the west of LS. If anyone can point me in the direction of more old race maps (apart from this forum and the community pages) that would be hugely appreciated also. Thanks Stoney
  7. I had this issue on one of my machines. Basically none of the gui buttons worked in game. This includes admin, freeroam and our own scripts. I uninstalled MTA and made a clean install, that fixed it.
  8. Thanks a lot man, shouldn't have missed that post
  9. Hey guys, I'm having problems with the new 1.0.2 binary for linux. We are currently running the 1.0.1 binary without problems. I have tried running 1.0.2 but I get a download error. First thing that happens is that one file gets downloaded (this happens each time you join, this isn't new) secondly it tries to download the resources. This fails almost instantly, disconnecting the client and giving the error "Failed to download files, couldn't connect to server". I have no errors in the log file. I have double checked all file permissions and they are identical to my 1.0.1 server folder. Does an
  10. Stoney

    WINE compatibility

    Hello, I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I've have tried quite a lot of things to get MTA client running in Wine. Installation of MTA went fine under wine (after I installed the Visual Studio 2008 redistributable, thanks guys on IRC). I have also tried running the version I installed on Windows, this gives me the same result. I have followed the guide on the wiki. Here are the results : Running the MTA_SA_unix.exe output a bunch of missing dll errors. I proceeded to download and install all the missing dlls. Now it brings up a dialog that is called "Load" it shows the path to the unix.d
  11. Thanks for a thorough rundown of the chatbox command.To be honest I wasn't aware of how well the settings window worked for custom bindKey's. Thanks for your help.
  12. Although I'm happy it was released I would have been happier if you had waited just a bit longer. As already mentioned the resources still need a lot of work, the debugscript window is constantly spammed and ACL still doesnt work in the admin panel. We are also getting several connection errors. Mainly "version verification" but we even had one that I haven't seen before, "fatal error 6". I checked the manual and the description of that error is "invalid custom data length on entity-add packet". No idea what that means and why it should be solved by trying again three times. Sorry for compla
  13. That was a great idea eAi. I tried it but unfortunately nothing happens when you trigger "chatbox" in that way. I tried executeCommandHandler on server and client side but neither had any effect.
  14. Wow, thanks a lot iChris. This actually ended up solving it. Firstly, in my defense, the wiki clearly says to not use the .dll on 1.0. It tried it with the .dll and it gave another error instead. Said it was missing msvcp71.dll. I happened to have the 2.3 server folder open right then and I saw the file there. Copied it over to my 1.0 server root folder and it all works now!
  15. Yeah, obviously. We are running on a Windows 2003 server so I am using the dll files. We had Windows 2003 before too, but this is a clean installation so we might be missing something similar to VS 2008 redistributable?
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