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    timing out

    according to your picture the port is set to 22004 not 22005. if the server is running on the same computer as you are trying to connect from, try to connect using "localhost:22005" also, using "http://" before an mta server won't work, you need "mtasa://"
  2. if you look at the code, i'm generating a random number based on how many entries you have in the table, all you would need to do is add the extra spawns to the spawns table, like this: spawns[4] = {-934,133,418}--{ x4,y4,z4 } the last bit of the script will stay the same, for example if we generated a random number, and the randomNumber variable was 2, the last bit is the same as: x = spawns[2][1] y = spawns[2][2] z = spawns[2][3] instead of the variable "randomNumber" we are using the number value 2, because randomNumber = 2. which would mean that the x, y and z values would be: --spawns[2] = {342,-2341,3} --spawns[2][1] = 342 = x --spawns[2][2] = -2341 = y --spawns[2][3] = 3 = z
  3. spawns = {} --table that will hold all the spawn points spawns[1] = {123,423,1}--{ x1,y1,z1 } spawns[2] = {342,-2341,3}--{ x2,y2,z2 } spawns[3] = {-5,3,8}--{ x3,y3,z3 } --use math.random to generate a number between 1 and #spawns (the length of the table spawns) randomNumber = math.random(1,#spawns) --assign the numbers within the table to x y and z x = spawns[randomNumber][1] y = spawns[randomNumber][2] z = spawns[randomNumber][3] spawnPlayer(player,x,y,z) there is an easier way to declare the initial table, but i did it that way so you would understand it. If you don't get it then post back.
  4. Willy


    http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?d3dx9_33 stick that in your "GTA San Andreas" directory.
  5. Can i just say - make sure you've got the right project set (top right hand corner - set it to "Multi Theft Auto: Deathmatch") otherwise you'll only see bugs that haven't been confirmed.
  6. looking at your specs i'd say the problem has something to do with the lack of a processor...
  7. not just any spic, but the spic king!
  8. Willy

    IE 7-Do not use!

  9. why are you posting in topics that are a year old?
  10. i has updated my post with a correct link. silly me
  11. http://pinkboxstudio.com/lua.api http://pinkboxstudio.com/lua.xml i meant lua.xml not .api!
  12. if your server is on the computer you are connecting to it is unlikely you will see it at all. One thing you have to do is just wait, but please bear in mind that there are a couple of issues with the server browser in dp2.3.
  13. Willy

    ask pleace ??

    http://up.delux-host.com/1192573787/converter/ p.s. if you had used the built in search function on the forum, you would have found the answer without having to start a new thread.
  14. even better correct answer - download the latest admin resource - which is on the google code page with all of the other latest resources.
  15. Hai, all you need to do is download that dll (http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?d3dx9_33) and place it in your MTA folder located in your GTA SA installation directory.
  16. guys, while posting dumps is good in itself, they can be pretty pointless if you don't try to explain what you were doing at the time, and if there are any steps to reproducing the crash - i.e. going back and trying to make yourself crash again, do it successfully a few times and it can mean the difference between a crash being fixed or not.
  17. or, more likely, it is that you are attempting to trigger a clientside event before the clientside files have fully downloaded and it will output this error. if you are using the "onResourceStart" event, try using "onClientResourceStart" instead.
  18. before you turn around and say that roleplay sucks, and insult the people who play it i'd do a couple of things. 1. I'd learn English 2. I'd be more specific - just saying that all role play sucks is a bit lame imo. Also, might I add that maybe you have been playing on the wrong RP servers if you don't like it? In my most humble of opinions GTA:SA is not and never will be a deathmatch game, there are plenty of other games out there that do the same thing but better.
  19. What is the obsession with signatures? the forum looks a lot better when it isn't cluttered up with oversized signatures that server no purpose other than being a witty remark or an advert...
  20. Willy

    Travel Meter

    robhol was right btw. local KM = M / 1000 i.e if M was 6000, 6000 metres = 6 kilometres. that make it easier to understand?
  21. Willy

    problem database

    normally you don't need to specify a url in httpdownload. You need to make sure that the ports you have specified in your mtaserver.conf are forwarded - go to http://www.portforward.com for help with that. and tbh the wiki has enough information on setting up a server... it is pretty straight forward really.
  22. it isn't to do with a specific module afaik, it is to do with modules in general. fixed in dp3.
  23. Willy

    Effective developing?

    erm guys, the initial problem has been solved, and speculation about things that may or may not be in a future release isn't what this thread is for... either ask a dev, or wait for someone (who ACTUALLY knows) to tell you.