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  1. I think we will be meeting up, if only informally.
  2. Are you the "IJS" in the source code credits and the http://ijs.mtasa.com/ site? Sounds like this could be a possibility. If there's enough interest, I could book a small conference room somewhere nearby. I'd be really interested in how the coding problem was approached - how to look into the flow of data in an executable to see where you could read/write effectively, to transfer between multiple clients, to "create" a multiplayer experience.
  3. I'm in Los Angeles and would be fascinated to have a core MTA developer come to present for 2-3 days on how they originally worked multiplayer through closed-source game manipulation by memory over sockets. I'm willing to pay for $2-4K of travel/stay expenses for a core/moderator member to discuss it at a level people familiar with C/C++/Sockets/Assembly would pick up. If there's other interest, perhaps we could share the expense... Roy
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