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  1. Listen to freeze.... He speaks the truth!
  2. Yes i was wondering if this was another 98 bug, same happens to me. I tried over my network and the rate just freezes at zero. Same with online play. (besides the fact that mta doesnt seem to like my beta turtle beach sound drivers i always get a VXD error)
  3. I just dont think its worth spending 100$ when the programmer can just fix it by making vb ignore that error. Like i said, if freeze is correct, the error should be very easy to fix. Plus in doing this MTA gains so many more people in thier community.
  4. i meant to say it would only be right for them to change a few lines of code.... etc
  5. In my opinion 98 is still one of the most stable os'es unless you consider linux. It wouldnt be right for them to change a few lines of code in order to gain so many more people. Many people still use 98 and all the programs that are released are supported by it. Its definitly worth it.
  6. Blocker please post somthing here! We need your help. Im sure we all agree this is the greatest mod out for gta3 by far, we just want a response or something update us on ur opinion. I've been programming in vb for a wile and if freeze is correct, it shouldnt take a long time to fix. As I said before, the fate of win98 MTA depends on this fix!
  7. Tell him the fate of the win98 gta3 MTA gaming community depends on him.
  8. He means in visual basic. There is no way for us to fix the error. We have to wait for the programmers of mta to add the error handler for this problem into their code, then rerelease it.
  9. I believe freeze is correct, its definitly a 98 networking error. I hope the team can just add in some lines to ignore the error and post a 98 fixed exe. I cant wait to play this one!!!!!!
  10. i installed all the vb files from 3 to 6 all over again still with no effect. I hope its not a prob with 98. Thats the only opperating system i run.
  11. i get this erro too, im using win98. Like you said, i tried installing the vbrun files, but the error continues.
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