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  1. xlancex16


    FIXED! i just re-install mta:sa and restart my PC.
  2. Also thing i need: locations from where you can't escape with vehicle (like you are stuck forever, or you can only die [in water]) - example maybe.... theres a hole right? that is very deep (like in 300 ) kind of like a broken pipe or a road in maintainace.
  3. xlancex16


    Previous MTA:SA versions? Can u give me a link maybe I'll try it. btw GTA:SA (Single Player) works it use to be.
  4. xlancex16


    Nope not working. I try them all.
  5. xlancex16


    Version = 1.0.4-release-2033.2.000 Time = Wed Oct 27 16:50:38 2010 Module = C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x00346929 EAX=00000000 EBX=00000000 ECX=7C91005D EDX=000B0000 ESI=00000000 EDI=7C80B6B1 EBP=0023FFC0 ESP=0023FE10 EIP=00746929 FLG=00010246 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 CAN'T PLAY MTA:SA!!!!!!!!
  6. HELLO? STILL HAPPENS????????????????????
  7. Got a problem when i test my maps it says (editor_dump could corrupt)
  8. I know what to do LOL. and everybody is not using win7/vista
  9. xlancex16


    Got a problem when i test my maps it says (editor_dump could corrupt)
  10. sorry about the double post but i don't really know how it makes my brain hurts for real
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