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  1. Ok, Ive done what you said, and the text doesnt move anymore up, but, its down the health bar, and I dont know what to change, if I change local sx,sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition ( px, py, pz+0.95, 0.06 ) the bar also goes up etc.
  2. Hi again, I have a big problem that is annoying me in the race mode. What you see in that pic is, that the nametag text goes up when you go far away, and thats the error im being annoying with, I want the nametag text to be over the health bar always, not go far when I move away. This is my script nametag = {} local nametags = {} local g_screenX,g_screenY = guiGetScreenSize() local bHideNametags = false local NAMETAG_SCALE = 0.3 --Overall adjustment of the nametag, use this to resize but constrain proportions local NAMETAG_ALPHA_DISTANCE = 50 --Distance to start fading out local
  3. The code is still the same as mine but without tostring() and tonumber().
  4. Even when I put 0 it still doesnt work.
  5. I dont know if thats a joke, but what you did was just remove tostring() and tonumber(), they dont affect anything.
  6. Hi all, Im here to ask for help with a wheel replacement script, Im not sure why it wont work, its suposed to be working fine... local wheelDFFS = { {"wheel_1", 1025}, {"wheel_2", 1073}, {"wheel_3", 1074}, {"wheel_4", 1075}, {"wheel_5", 1076}, {"wheel_6", 1077}, {"wheel_7", 1078}, {"wheel_8", 1079}, {"wheel_9", 1080}, {"wheel_10", 1081}, {"wheel_11", 1082}, {"wheel_12", 1083}, {"wheel_13", 1084}, {"wheel_14", 1085}, {"wheel_15", 1096}, {"wheel_16", 1097}, {"wheel_17", 1098}, } addEventHandler(
  7. I just tested it, and it seems to be working now, I guess it didnt work before because the person that died didnt had a weapon in hand.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding to the gamemode Basemode. Ive seen in many servers that you can pick weapons from the ground from dead players with the key F, when you go over them, it says (Press F to change weapon to), I know that this function is built in the Basemode, but I dont know how to enable it. I hope someone can help me, thanks.
  9. my script addEventHandler( "onPlayerConnect", getRootElement(), function ( _,_,_,_, clientVersion ) if ( clientVersion < 260 ) then cancelEvent( true, "Update your MTA version for 1.0.4!" ); end end ) What is the number for the 1.0.5 client ?
  10. Yes I simply want to replace the texture of the object. has a video tutorial of how to change the objects txd txd replace moldel Att Velcan
  11. you do not understand I want a video tutorial like this to change the skin look: most want a video tutorial for objects Att Velcan
  12. Does anyone have the tutorial on how to edit objects ? Att, Velcan Thanks
  13. velcan1

    Anti-cheat problem

    Yes varez but still kicking myself ;/
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