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  1. Why? what is wrong with being a noob, and what the fuck is wrong with you, who made you in charge of everything.. yeh I didnt thing so!
  2. In my experience, if you are inside the train, there is nothing which can touch you. No damage occurs whatsoever to the player in the train or the train. Slow down. Not sure we can attach trailers to the train. they spawn through each other and they make no contact with each other, so I wouldnt expect so. The train's seem at the moment very buggy indeed, but I wouldnt see them putting this as a priority to be "fixed". Im sure GTA itself has limitations. As for the train stopping at the two points, I can only imagine this is a GTA bug. Ive had bugs where the train comes off the tracks
  3. Thank you very much! I've kinda got some things working now, im learning, slowly
  4. y value...? I need a drawing.. I always thought X was a coordanate from left to right and Y was a coordanate top to bottom, then Z being the up or down axis.. Is that completly wrong?
  5. Wondering about Spawning the player.. Is there a way, a command to spawn the player so they are not on the ground? As in several feet above ground or water? Couldn't find anything like this on the development wiki...? Thanks guys
  6. Please, anyone spare me a little time? Would really appreciate it!!
  7. Ah ha! Progress (thanks 50p) I've managed to add my own coords, so I've now got the hay where I want it to be thanks to your createObject ( 3374, x * -4 + (yourX), y * -4 + (yourY), z * 3 + (yourZ) ) Below where you say has me stumped completly!When I run the gamemode on my MTA server, and connect to it fine, the hay is where I want it to be and ive changed player spawn points to get my guy to spawn near the hay, so thats good, but the hay doesn't moved (because ive not yet edited the calculations I presume)? The server window reports a series of line errors, which are.. 80, 88,
  8. Im having the same issues, any futher ideas?
  9. Yes. That even I know Any thoughts tho? Cheers
  10. Hi all, new here, so be gentle Been trying to start to learn this lua stuff by looking at some of the already complete gamemodes and trying small edits locally etc. Ive been looking at the "hay" gamemode and have worked some things out like number of levels and hay blocks left to right etc, but im now stuck. The invisible "kill barrier" is confusing me. Removing any reference to it doesn't work, as you are still killed at some point when walking away.. Should I be looking at increasing an option rather than removing text from the hay.lua file? Also, If I wanted to move the hay (as a whole
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