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  1. nah I just kill other players and have a good time
  2. From the site: GTA3:MTA 0.3.5 will be finished and included in the next version. Some gameplay will be improved and off course the lag will be reduced a lot ____________________________________________________________ ???, are the mta team going to release 1 release with both VC and gta3 support?
  3. SeB


    Why not have the drunk script when entering a mrWhoopie then we can fly to the moon ( if the player is drunk enough )
  4. SeB


    I have another idea: why not place some weapon pickups behind the desk of ammu-nation stores ? would be cool
  5. Every 15 min i got a crash to desktop! sometime no message, sometime the ".EXE have crashed and it need to close!" sometime computer freeze Sometimes it freezes for me 2! I think its my CPU though, 60C (140F)
  6. I dont think it is stable enough every half an hour I get the unhandled exception bug....
  7. I like the 3rd and the 2nd
  8. Rage its a beta I found some bugs: 1:I was shooting at a guy, after a while his equipment fell down so I thought he was dead but he killed me 2:sometimes the game freezes and it never happened on VC sp (not the unhandled exception error)
  9. sometimes the arrows over players dont shows up but everything else works fine for me (pweh ) a small bug, but this is a bug topic isnt it
  10. I really hate it when people complain about things the dont understand and things that even havent been released! Here it comes: STFU U BITCHIN LAMER ASS! sure u can think mta is shit but dont share ur opinion...
  11. ManiX wrote: Just try later....because maybe there aren't any.... ________________________________________________ I tried Dracos server (on the site it said it was online) and then I cant see any other players and after 15 sec I get the disconnected error! But that wasnt my question: What ports are GTAT 0.2 using Draco?
  12. what ports is GTAT 0.2 using? Because I cant get any servers in the serverlist when I press refresh!
  13. This sounds like something R* can put together for gta online
  14. SeB


    Will the chat in MTA VC be like the one in GTAT or will it be different?
  15. Well it doesnt looks like MTAs progress counter on their main site is up to date... Why dont u guys update it atleast once every 6months?
  16. I really think that they should update the progress counter more often cause thats the only negative thing I can say bout this site
  17. MTA 0.3b worked fine for me and I have XP
  18. Do u know a program to open the MAIN.scm file?
  19. Hi all! This is a really interesting post and I was just wondering: Is it possible to open the main.scm file with notepad or is there a program to edit the main.scm? Because I tried with notepad and it just showed crap that nobody could ever understand.
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