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  1. I'm away from mta scripting for a long time, but I am sure that the problem is because that your object doesnt have collision shape. You need to do it with another object, or try to make a custom collision shape to that object (dont know if its possible..) Good luck
  2. I read it too, very nice! Congratulations and keep the good work, this is getting even better every day
  3. And u guys keep on giving us this 5* amazing updates !! Always getting better and better ! I dont know what to say more, I guess I will say one more time : Thank You !!
  4. What an idea ! With this, we could also divide window to 2 windows, and make like split-screen, I guess its possible !
  5. Sadly , today everyone wants money for every piece of work, even minimal, its sad I know. But thats not everyone there are a minor people trying to change the world, but they keep failing . PM me with further details about the gamemode, and I will see if I can do it . Dont need money .
  6. Really ? didnt know about that! So you are saying if I create an building near coast and then, place 2 peds there, they cant hit each other using fists ? Is that somekind of limitation of mta ? Thanks !
  7. Bounds ? what do u mean ? I have a platform above the sea, but its not that far from the coast... I guess
  8. But I can damage, with weapons ! but not with fists.. its weird ?!
  9. would you mind figure out the problem ? any clue?
  10. Hi there guys, this is kinda awkard.. but I cant figure out what is happen, I cant damage players using weapons, but when I try with my fists, punching, or with the baseball bat , its like there is not any player there... it doesnt damage the other player, it doesnt even hit anything... EDIT: I tryed the same thing on another resource , "play" from mta, and was fine... what could be wrong on my resource that is doing this? thanks alot again . Do you guys have any idea, what might be ? Thanks in advance!
  11. Yep , it works, for what I want Thanks mate !
  12. Is possible to check if some function is attached already to some event? I am getting this error on clientscript log : bp\client_mines.lua:119: addEventHandler: 'onClientRender' with this function is already handled Thanks !
  13. Anyone with some feedback? thanks
  14. Hi fifty, thanks again for passing by and try to help me So here it is: I tryed using the zero on 4th argument, so will have 0 on clip.. till here its fine ! and it works ! But then I tryed to reloading, changing weapons like u said.. and still zero on clip ! cant even shoot, tryed to look for a key to reload on MTA and didnt found one.. Then I tryed to use a number like 1 or 2, sometimes works good, another times, there is that number of ammo on clip, but I try to shoot, and nothing happens !! Like I would have zero of ammo on clip ! Then I also tryed to fill the clip using the maximum that some weapon's clip can take using this on the 4th argument: getOriginalWeaponProperty ( hasWeapon, "std", "maximum_clip_ammo") And still I get some bugs, like, there is no zero on clip and cant shoot.. and dont even reloading... and also found a bug, where there was NEGATIVE ammo ! Can u give me some feedback on this? maybe bug or not? Also some fix if possible... Well the fix would be taking out the weapon and giving again with the ammo I want right...? kinda ridiculous Thanks !!
  15. Hi there! I notice that if I dont have any ammo, and leave the four argument without anything like this : setWeaponAmmo(v, hasWeapon, amountToGive) Then I get the ammo, but I keep with 0 on clip, and it doesnt reload ! cant even shoot ... I guess I will need the four argument ? Thanks in advance!
  16. I must say that is really impressive what we can do with MTA (like someone said: "imagination is the only limit") You made an awesome job, really unique and special, very nice! Thanks for your share
  17. Of course! I always try to find my answer somewhere else, but most of times I need to brother someone here on forum eheh
  18. Hi again, I am here with some news for you guys , I have been busy with this, doing some progress I work out how could improve somethings and recoded many things the last few days. The 'Emigrants Team' money maker system, the bag of weed as I told ya before, was really improved on my honest opinion. On a old version you would start start with one bag of weed, and then you would go to USA and sell it to the dealer, now everything changes! There is a farm on emigrants side, before the big wall, (this is will be customized, so you can build your farm wherever you want, but I decide to build before the wall, and near emigrants spawnpoint, not near enough to go walking, but you pick a car eheh). So.. on this farm, you will have crops of weed inside greenhouses (I built to my official map of this gamemode, maybe you dont want to put greenhouses, but there will be custom element 'crop' that you really need to place it, maximum 5 crops on a map). You can harvest weed from the crops, you need to be crouched and hold a key till a bar is fully 100%. Then you will pick a weed piece, the crop gets removed, and it will grow again after a few minutes, time is random.. You cant carry more than one weed, so when u pick one, you must go to USA and sell it Now there is a big thing to be said: THE UPGRADE TEAM SYSTEM, and you ask, what the hell is that? Okay both teams ('police' and 'emigrants') have many upgrades to do, and all of them start on lvl1 and go till lvl5. All upgrades cost money, so your captain should choose wisely, talk with your team first! On each round, a random player of each team is choosen to be team's captain . Only the captain have access to buy/upgrade system panel, open using 'M' key. A few details about this panel: - You can give captains right to someone.. - You can upgrade weapons lvl (lvl 1 only pistol, lvl 2 pistol and shotgun, lvl 3 pistol and shotgun and submachine... and so on) - [Emigrants] You can upgrade crops lvl (lvl 1 only one crop, lvl 2 two crops, lvl 3 three crops, and so on till lvl 5..) - [Emigrants] You can upgrade grow lvl (lvl1 grow very slow, lvl 2 grow slow, lvl 3 grow a bit fast, lvl 4 a lot faster..) - [Police] You can upgrade heli spawn lvl (lvl 1 one spawnpoint for heli, lvl 2 two spawnpoints for heli..) and you choose the spot for each lvl, where you want the heli to spawn.. - On that panel there will be also shop, where both teams can buy ammo for all their buddys, i mean their team mates.. - Later will be more upgrades to do.. I also think alot about the late game, and recoded the main objective, before you would need 30% of the players on emigrants to be on the house and hold it for a few minutes, now that changed!! Emigrants can win with ONE player there holding.. but will take ages (I mean like 5 minutes...), and while you get more people there, holding the house, less time you need to hold it ! The progress bar auto updates itself with players inside the house I hope you enjoyed this few updates I made on this days, and by the way sorry about the big wall of text eheh, but I was alot of excited to tell you all the news Hope you like it, I will keep the working, and try to release it as soon as possible!
  19. FIXED! thanks alot robhol! didnt know about this... functions as variables For someone with same problem: http://lua-users.org/wiki/LuaTypesTutorial
  20. I cant do it.. Do you mean this ? local textAmmoFunction function textAmmo(text) if(ops and isElement(ops)) then local x,y = guiGetPosition(ops, false) local x1,y1 = guiGetSize (ops, false) dxDrawText ( text, x + 30, y + y1/1.5 ,x + x1, y+y1, tocolor(255,255,255), 1,"default", "left", "top", false, true, true) end end addEventHandler( "onClientMouseEnter", small, function() textAmmoFunction = textAmmo("7 pistol, 12 shotgun, 24 submachine, 30 assault rifles, 5 rifle") addEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), textAmmoFunction) end, false) addEventHandler("onClientMouseLeave", small, function() removeEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), textAmmoFunction) end, false) [2012-07-15 17:34:54] WARNING: bp\client_money.lua:60: Bad argument @ 'addEventHandler' [Expected function at argument 3, got nil] [2012-07-15 17:34:55] WARNING: bp\client_money.lua:66: Bad argument @ 'removeEventHandler' [Expected function at argument 3, got nil]
  21. Horrible? come on, its beautiful ^^ Okay thanks alot, I will try
  22. I guess this doesnt work on LUA ? Because on my code the part of the removeEventHandler is not working... I have no errors on the clientscript .. Code: addEventHandler( "onClientMouseEnter", small, function() addEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), function() textAmmo("7 pistol, 12 shotgun, 24 submachine, 30 assault rifles, 5 rifle") end) end, false) addEventHandler("onClientMouseLeave", small, function() removeEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), function() textAmmo("7 pistol, 12 shotgun, 24 submachine, 30 assault rifles, 5 rifle") end) end, false) And I assure you, that small is defined, and textAmmo is fine.. It works to addEventHandler, but removing the event handler is not working... Would appreciate some help! thanks again!
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