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  1. I'm away from mta scripting for a long time, but I am sure that the problem is because that your object doesnt have collision shape. You need to do it with another object, or try to make a custom collision shape to that object (dont know if its possible..) Good luck
  2. I read it too, very nice! Congratulations and keep the good work, this is getting even better every day
  3. And u guys keep on giving us this 5* amazing updates !! Always getting better and better ! I dont know what to say more, I guess I will say one more time : Thank You !!
  4. What an idea ! With this, we could also divide window to 2 windows, and make like split-screen, I guess its possible !
  5. Sadly , today everyone wants money for every piece of work, even minimal, its sad I know. But thats not everyone there are a minor people trying to change the world, but they keep failing . PM me with further details about the gamemode, and I will see if I can do it . Dont need money .
  6. Really ? didnt know about that! So you are saying if I create an building near coast and then, place 2 peds there, they cant hit each other using fists ? Is that somekind of limitation of mta ? Thanks !
  7. Bounds ? what do u mean ? I have a platform above the sea, but its not that far from the coast... I guess
  8. But I can damage, with weapons ! but not with fists.. its weird ?!
  9. would you mind figure out the problem ? any clue?
  10. Hi there guys, this is kinda awkard.. but I cant figure out what is happen, I cant damage players using weapons, but when I try with my fists, punching, or with the baseball bat , its like there is not any player there... it doesnt damage the other player, it doesnt even hit anything... EDIT: I tryed the same thing on another resource , "play" from mta, and was fine... what could be wrong on my resource that is doing this? thanks alot again . Do you guys have any idea, what might be ? Thanks in advance!
  11. Yep , it works, for what I want Thanks mate !
  12. Is possible to check if some function is attached already to some event? I am getting this error on clientscript log : bp\client_mines.lua:119: addEventHandler: 'onClientRender' with this function is already handled Thanks !
  13. Anyone with some feedback? thanks
  14. Hi fifty, thanks again for passing by and try to help me So here it is: I tryed using the zero on 4th argument, so will have 0 on clip.. till here its fine ! and it works ! But then I tryed to reloading, changing weapons like u said.. and still zero on clip ! cant even shoot, tryed to look for a key to reload on MTA and didnt found one.. Then I tryed to use a number like 1 or 2, sometimes works good, another times, there is that number of ammo on clip, but I try to shoot, and nothing happens !! Like I would have zero of ammo on clip ! Then I also tryed to fill the clip using the maximum t
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