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  1. AHHH!! It worked! Thanks for the advice!
  2. I'll try that, but I don't hold out much hope. Thanks anyway.
  3. Bump. This is what it says about the test resource (which apparently doesn't exist when I looked in the resources folder).
  4. Sorry to double post (actually I'm not that sorry) but I've also noticed as well as the bottom menu being missing, I can't load maps or test because as soon as I try and test, it says something about "dummy editor-test resource" and then I have to disconnect from the editor. Basically, my map editor is totally FUBAR'd.
  5. Transom


    You can't claim copyright on maps ...
  6. Transom

    Player Limit

    They like it when they hit someone and the sync is so crap they don't take any damage.
  7. Well no I didn't actually. You need the bottom menu to complete it but since there is no bottom menu, you can't. I skipped the tutorial after that but it still didn't show up.
  8. I have this problem. I have downloaded MTA 1.0 from the website so it can't be an old version of the editor. But the bottom menu just isn't there. Any suggestions?
  9. Sunday 22nd August 2009 - 11:33:45 GMT Sorry I lie. How the buggering hell do I know ...
  10. Oh yayz! About time lol. *wonders if post made one look like a numpty*
  11. Ah yes. Love that mode. Very creative - and fun.
  12. I don't suppose it is of much help but I know in the normal GTA game, if you use the Spaceeinstein mod (I think that is what it is called) you can access the SFPD interior.
  13. I would prefer to use this. Even though there isn't many people who use it and people are stuck in a time warp i.e. SA-MP.
  14. Would it be because, as dreyas the Time Lord knows, SA-MP is old
  15. I know - she's my artificial bitch. She does whatever I tell her.
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