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  1. Can somebody give me help, how i can get Stinger in police cars in my GTA sa CDM server. I try steal script in interstate69 but i dont get it work.
  2. joukuna

    Car Respawn

    Who can tell me how i respawn my cars in my lua and map. What it respawn function. Even though cars would appear once again 10 second after the destroying I spawn cars in LUA this script: createVehicle ( 429, 2876.1325683594, 918.95782470703, 10.429663658142, 359.99987792969, 0.00030517578125, 92.711730957031 ) I spawn cars in MAP this script:
  3. joukuna


    i save car spawn in lua. how i can make re spawn when they EXLODE
  4. joukuna


    why dont re spawn. lua is same cdm_ls
  5. joukuna


    Is existing script whereby server goes to get from the local machine time, or at least roll it accordingly.
  6. joukuna


    i know, set time You can set time admin panel but if you die or connect server later, time is diffirent all players ...
  7. joukuna


    hi, how i can set same time all players my server ?
  8. Malabo if you make that script. do you realease it public users?
  9. I need script, i shoot my car wheels and they dont broke ?
  10. nice work, i think this is best speedometer.
  11. joukuna

    Hi i need

    I need position save script. i mean esim.. i drive my car and write chat /savepos it save car position some text file. please send me script
  12. joukuna


    Is mta Dm prewier 2 any design mode. I need program map design. Because i cant save any program CAR SPAWN PLACE COORDINANTS Sa-mp have debug mode have this game??
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