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  1. WOW man! That's ages ago lol. Loved to watch it again, thnx for the link .
  2. corrupt

    MTA Dead?

    More like MTA:SA first -.- Indeed.
  3. Thanks but fixed it myself. PS.I looked there a few days ago didn't find my router in the list you do know there is an edit button for a reason right? know there are moderators/admins in the forums for a reason right? The dude just needed some help and at least he stated how he fixed hes prob, much more than other people does here (including spam).
  4. corrupt

    MTA Dead?

    Some body should start a poll. Just to know what people prefers, independently of what The Team have told or not. "Next steep: MTA:IV or instead VC and III ported to the new core and finally finished and then gogogo for IV?" I 'd personally vote for finishing or porting VC and III to the new core since they are not finished and part of the comunity still play/like it. (You dont know how i miss Vice City lol ) In the other hand: MTA:IV would be a good boost to the project since you guys have created a way more rich multiplayer experience for SA than the one we can actually find in GTA IV; bugs apart, and this is just a matter of time and less now that the project is open source and this is a fact. So at the end, the only thing you would do to IV's multiplayer is improve it with its consequent increase of players to the comunity. No matter when.. I would definitelly love FMJ'in in IV one day Just my opinion
  5. Then you might remember this
  6. I remember spawning at malibu lol. I think it was mtavc 0.2, around september 2003 as Boss said. On that time we were still not able to go two persons in the same car but it still rocked . /me misses mtavc's chainsaw (rawr!) and mexican wars at airport. I remember playing at robpols too, fighting people like Mr.Bump, [KFC]KungFuGrip, [VCA]Loendal, Rocket_Guns, Archer_Lemur.. ahhhh the mtavc old times..
  7. Sorry if i'm a bit late, hope you 're still around here or that you fixed it yourself. I had this problem aswel.. At the end i gave up and went back to mtasadm_v1.0-dp2 because i found no way to get it working. It has no working server list (gamemonitor will do) but at least i'm able to play again. Hope this can help you.
  8. I remember people saying the same thing about VC version of MTA. Something like: "When SA comes out the Team will be kind of pushed up themselves to finish VC so they can start working on SA", but instead of that, both, VC and III versions of MTA got stopped/paused just then. It is a pitty cause LOTS of people experienced their best (and some times first) multiplayer moments on MTA:GTAIII and VC and today these projects are still in the same state as they were back in 2005. What i would like to say is that i hope SA doesnt fall in the same situation as III and VC just because of the realease of GTA4. In my honest opinion: GTA4 is just GTAIII but better graphics and a more detailed and lil bit bigger map (thats it basically lol). The multiplayer results boring after a month playing the same game modes, at least on console versions. I dont know if the downloadable content or/and the PC version will make the game a bit more rich.. but what i can tell for sure is that at the moment MTASA WAY OWNS the GTA4 multiplayer experience (even when MTA is still on a development stage). In my opinion if the Team decides to work on 4 that would be great since they really know how to exploit at max the multiplayer experience on a GTA game. PD: VC ROCKS!
  9. This indeed, would be awesome. It messes a bit the created maps if they re not inside the SA limits as you said so i thinking fixing this would make it easier to create and place maps. I really hope its possible
  10. Hi! Well i 've seen people around reporting that they can not finish installing MTA after the "I already have an account" option in the install progress (some times with out answer ). Messing around i realized that if you change compatibility mode for Win98/Me on the installer it does continues installing after clicking on "next" buton and MTA is finally (Propperly?) installed. I don't know if this alters the MTA install or something once it is installed but doing that i could pass the MTA not being installed thing. I am/was having the nothing happens after the "stop playing with yourself" screen, but if i go to MTA.exe and set compatibility for Win98/Me the game does load and i can see the menu, browse servers, etc.. but when i click on connect game looks to load normally and then i see for a second or so a black screen with the chatbox. The funny thing is that the chat box stays on windows desktop after the black screen goes and game crashes while if i set the compatibility option off nothing happens again after the "stop playing with yourself" screen I don't know if this will really help if you are having these problems but another funny thing is that yesterday i managed to play for a while doing what i say above ..the problem is today for some reason the problem is back and i can not play again . EDIT: [FMJ]Denver suggested me to try and install dp 2 (instead of dp2.1) and it finally worked! Hope this helps somehow .
  11. Install MTA RACE so u can create de registry keys (try installing then). If it doesn't: delete the registry keys you created when installing MTA RACE (both) and change compatibility mode in the installer for win 98, then install. This helped me out to finish the installation, hope it helps for you aswel .
  12. I was having this prob aswel. What i do is going back to menu and then back to server browser (most of times it gets fixed that way for me).
  13. Hi guys! I think i have the same problem I downloaded the 2.1 installer, but when i say "i already have an account" and go to next steep i put my nickname: corrupt_bboy and pass (the goodone lol), then i click on next but the installer simply looks to close so i can't even install MTA . Would it be cause this is the 3rd pc vinculated to my account? Thnx in advance EDIT: I installed MTA RACE so i could create de registry keys, but still didnt managed to finish the installation for MTA DM. Then i deleted the registry keys and changed compatibility mode in the installer for/to win 98, then installed propperly. Hope this helps