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  1. sry, but really dont know how to do that hope you guys can help me
  2. mal firewall überprüfen, ob es das game blockt
  3. you wrote so, now you say you weren´t helping anyone? and you want to tell me thinking twice before post??? ...no words
  4. but you didnt help anyone, you just said that
  5. thats not your problem, maybe many people think like you but dont write pointless comments, what you do is spam
  6. you can ask if you have questions, if you learn alone in front of your pc, you may have some question which you cant answer
  7. [C2M]Bios


    i want to kill a player with 2 shots, therefore i have to deal him more than 50% of his health as damage i hope your script works... anyway thanks in advance ______________________________ Edit: thanks solidsnake, it works
  8. [C2M]Bios


    ive got this script, but it doesnt work... it increases the demage of the sniper rifle but in server its still at the same level hope someone can help me function killbysniper(attacker, attackerweapon, bodypart, loss) if(attackerweapon == 34) then setElementHealth(source, 33) end elseif(bodypart == 9) and(attackerweapon ==34) then setElementHealth(source, 0) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), killbysniper)
  9. can you count no, i think we havent 10 ppl yet, 2 alerady agreed on our servers forum but we need some more
  10. yeah, maybe not half a year but you could do at least something to increase something
  11. i want to increase the damage dealt by a rustler, unfortunately i didnt find a suitable script in the mtawiki i hope someone can help me
  12. the 3rd picture reminds me on the horror movie "wrong turn"
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