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  1. Ok ;> I have another question. I have in script code like this: Load data setElementData ( source, "skin", getAccountData ( konto, "skin" )) Save data: setAccountData (konto,"skin",getElementData(source,"skin")) And this doesn't work. I don't have idea what can I do.
  2. Ahh, thanks. I forgot about this function.
  3. But I don't know what I have to do. I haven't any errors/warnings.
  4. Hi, I have question. Can I do array like 'xxx = { }' and save this when player has left server? I try to do like this: xxx = { } addEventHandler ( "onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), function () local konto = getPlayerAccount(source) if ( konto ) then xxx[source] = getAccountData ( konto, "xxx" ) end end ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), function () local konto = getPlayerAccount(source) if ( konto ) then setAccountData (konto,"xxx",xxx[source]) end end ) But the above code doesn't work. In data base, 'xxx' has value 'nil'. And it 'xxx[source] doesn't load.
  5. Ahh, now I know ;> Thanks
  6. But when I have on my map sultan, and sultan id is 560, when I put this id, then in all cars (sultans) this function be work. 50p where are you from?
  7. I want to do one car for police, but no policecar (eg police sultan) and only in this car can use key 'h'. I made function on key 'h' to flashing lights, and I want to put there "if car == id". Now you understand me? ;> I hope so
  8. Hmm, here there is no such numbers, that the first vehicle is an id 1, second id 2, etc.
  9. Hi, I have question. How can I do so: In function is condition eg: car = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( source ) if car == (id vehicle) then I try do this, but vehicle id is like this: 000000F6. When I do this, it doesn't work: car = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( source ) if car == "000000F6" then
  10. Redox

    Turn signal

    This is the code fragmend. My all code: vehicleKierunek = { false } vehicleKierunekPrawy = { false } vehicleKierunekLewy = { false } function onPlayerJoin( ) bindKey ( source, "]", "down", KierunekPrawy ) bindKey ( source, "[", "down", KierunekLewy ) end function KierunekLewy(source) car = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( source ) if ( car ) then if not vehicleKierunekLewy[car] then vehicleKierunekPrawy[car]=false setVehicleLightState ( car, 1, 0 ) setVehicleLightState ( car, 2, 0 ) vehicleKierunekLewy[car]=true vehicleKierunek[car]=true else vehicleKierunekLewy[car]=false
  11. Redox

    Turn signal

    Hi, I started to do turn signal (or direction indicator) in my gamemode. On top script I placed timer: setTimer(Kierunek,500,0) Below I placed function: function Kierunek() if vehicleKierunekLewy[car] then --direction indicator left if not vehicleKierunek[car] then setVehicleLightState ( car, 0, 0 ) setVehicleLightState ( car, 3, 0 ) vehicleKierunek[car]=true else setVehicleLightState ( car, 0, 1 ) setVehicleLightState ( car, 3, 1 ) vehicleKierunek[car]=false end elseif vehicleKierunekPrawy[car] then --direction indicator right if not vehicleKierunek[car] then setVehicleLight
  12. Thanks very much ;> It's working
  13. Hi everyone, I have problem. When I use function addAccount(username,password) in server log write: WARNING: RdxSerwer\login.serv.lua:32: Access denied @ 'addAccount' What can I do? I use this function to register new users (no admins). Thanks for reading
  14. Ok thanks. For 5 minutes I clicked 'ok' and the window disappeared and there appeared the MTA ;> Now I must see it MTA works correctly. But each time when I run the MTA, this window are appears.
  15. I don't have installed this. But when appeared window, in processes (CTRL + ALT + DEL) was gta_sa.exe process, when I close this process, window disappeared. Otherwise not possible to close the window
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