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  1. i might not be the best german modder in here but ....i think i was the first one to release a mod for vc... ...and i hope i can get me other once released soon.
  2. hey..guys.. can u plz give me some time.. i am working on somthing realy cool..( I wont tell u now, it is a suprise.. It is going to be great.. just give me some time..plz .. for my web site.. i am still working on it.. i will tell u when i a have finsihed it.. *HINT*StuntPark verision 2.0* if you delete DLL files...it won't function prolly....odaynasri@hotmail.com for more info...
  3. odai

    hey all u....

    Hey.. man 50 is way better.. (not more than 2Pac).. ...but way better than eminem.. .. (Wut up GanGsta rules)..... Eminem songs are all the same. he sounds the same all the time i think eminem is more like an a pop artisst
  4. What happen if u spam..spam?!!!!------- spamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspam ...jk
  5. hey..guys.. if u use msn 6.. u will get virus every 10..but if u have norton virus.. it will deleted..but it will still pop an alert every 10 min
  6. A:cuase the are noobs... Q:is there going to be a sin city online?
  7. Hey...yea it was me that made this park for vc...i didn't take me very long because i used a map of UT, that was never used ...so i tried to use it for good use!!!
  8. A: u computer sux.. or u downloaded it from kazza.. or smthing Q:how to fix the save proplems
  9. i was wonddring if the cheat and tranniers would be able to work.. .. and is there diffrenet ones.. or we can use the same ones?
  10. i heard that if both of people go inside the same car.. it will start sppining around..
  11. yea.. man u right i have posted like four posts .. all through last week.. put now it show 1 only
  12. hey.. guys.. every time i post somthing.. it show that my posts is 0.. can some one help me plz .. if u know how please add me to msn.. or post somthing.. thnx
  13. odai

    Fav. Game

    i think.. that people would rather playing vice city.. becuase there are many new things.. and many diffrent options in the game..
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