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  1. sry bout the delay, some serious issues that im not gonna go into detail into... but, @rikimaru, no, im not gonna open source this, sorry. @Varez thanks for the link, i honestly had no idea, but there wasnt much useful there.... anyway, any help on this would be apperciated.
  2. ok... first of all, i scripted and mapped all of what i have myself... get your facts straight. i didn't "get a few resources from the community" cause this is the first time i have asked "the community" for help on my own... that being said, i know how to script some stuff, i am not the best in the world, but i surely am not the best either. I have been told to look into the race gamemode, but, that didn't help me any... The wiki is my best friend. i use it every day... and yea, it might be a "perfect" idea, but it will never be a perfect script, even if the best scripters in the world scrip
  3. i have the ability to buy the cars, repair them, mod them, and a speedometer, but thats it. And now that i know it IS possible how would i go about making it after i have my maps? Oh and thanks for the support!
  4. OK. I am making a Need For Speed style script, with a free roam sort of feel to it. You start with a set amount of money, buy a car, and, if you have any extra money, you can upgrade it. the way to make money is obvious, race. but you do not have to race if you don't want to. Race types would include circuits (one or two laps tops 4-10 drivers), drags(straight stretch two cars max), sprints (point a to point b 2-8 drivers), and maybe drifts(most drift points wins 2-8 drivers). Winning a race gets you the pot which depends on how many racers and if its a pay to race or not. if a pay to race c
  5. ye, thanks... i wasnt exactly implying someone to code it for me, lol, just to help me... so, thanks. i checked on the wiki, the processLineOfSight, it could help, but you said things like it, so, i know its not JUST that. anyway, again thanks!
  6. I am needing as much help as possible. Any and all is appericated. I am trying to script a gamemode. It will be a simple Team Death Match, but here's the catch, No guns OR cars! It will have two teams, Good and Evil. Two pre-defined skins, one per team. The attacks will be fairly simple, different buttons do different attacks, but each team has there own attack set. Most of the time, TDM's are about money, for guns, but in this case, since there are no guns, then the money is RARE, and what money you do get is spent on either making their own team, or upgrading there attacks or HP. To get mone
  7. i just installed GTA:SA, put the downgrader/nocd-crack, installed MTASA 1.0 nightly r500 and the dependincies, all with a fresh install, on a brand new computer with windows XP... so, it loads the "stop playing with yourself" screen and crashes... i looked in the dumps folder, and i found one... funny thing is, it works fine on my other older computer -.- same revision and when i try to upload the .dmp file it tells me they arent allowed anyone help me please? ill upload the file when i figure out how...
  8. Churchill, it was the toggleWeatherReport function, i had to export it cause the exports you had were all returning nil. and my guess on why you didnt export it it cause it is the main thing for the whole resource, lol... anyway, i cant get the SMS to save, even with the two table approach. sorry it took so long for the reply, but i had to change fomats of a few of the vids i had. sry... EDIT: While this is on my mind... i found a sort of bug. like if someone types /pda (or in my case, pushes Z) ore than once, it will open the PDA however many times they typed it, and only one instance can be
  9. ok, i think i have an idea for the SMS, you have phoneinfo, which has the number and a phone book, then you make a smsifo table, which would be a seperate table, but in the same resource, that woul hold readSMS and unreadSMS. would that work? also, i got the betterweather resource implemented, but i had to export a function that wasnt already exported (i think it wasnt exported on purpose, but idk why not). that works. as for my own SMS, i couldnt quite get it working. ill get the latest version tho and try the idea about seperate tables in the same resource, ill get back to you on that. it wi
  10. um, sorry for the bumb, but ive been using this for a while now, at first i had only made 9 houses, and got into scripting other things, that were more of a high priority to my server. 4 of the 9 houses had owners, but i wanted to start all over, so, i added the files from kihc\reset and started building again, i know this number because i was writing down the house numbers and how much each should be worth, and, because i didnt know what interior i would end up with (its random) and i didnt wanna build a house, see the interior, buy it, set cost and sell it, i made it to 16 houses, no prices
  11. your done, wow, i was gonna help, lol, i meant like the email address u use for MSN, thats y i said MSN Address, lol...
  12. ok, will scarface or gamersnet PM me a MSN address? that way i can always know exactly where we are! Gio
  13. hey, i can help, im a good scripter, and, i also would like to see this, as i run a RP Server, if ya need me, just PM me GIo
  14. ok, im having a SQLite issue. here goes... i downloaded 50P's simple bank system resource, which uses SQLite to save money in the bank. so, i ran it with my own server. it returned an error saying that the database was not found or was encrypted, when i tried to put money in the bank. well, i downloaded the SQLite database browser, and looked inside the database. the tables ha not been created. i crated them manually, using the way they would have been in the first place. table was "bank_accounts" with username and balance in it. i tried again. same error, "ERROR: Database Query Failed: file i
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