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  1. Could you tell, how it works? Send me the script-code by private message. I mean the one, which 'remebers' the owner of the car.
  2. No, No, No...i wanted to know, how to move the place where you spawn every time you die. i.e. in freeroam, when you start the game, you'll automatically start from that one location. How to move that place? (I already know the coordinates...but what do i have to change from the files?)
  3. How to move the spawnpoint(the place where players spawns)?
  4. How to move the spawnpoint?(=the plce where u start on the server)
  5. Its normal. You shouldn't see it. just go to the "Quick Connect" and put there "localhost". Svenska?
  6. How to move the spawnpoint in freeroam? And how to change the default vehicle spawns?
  7. How can I do this: when i launch the server, the freeroam-gamemode starts automatically..?
  8. Merci beaucoup!! And, one thing, tell me the exact command: how to change to the freeroam-gamemode?
  9. Merci...mais en anglais: How can I run the admin panel? When i trie to do commands in the console(F8), it just don't work...its "just text", not a command... And do i have to login or something before that?
  10. How to put a gamemode on server? When i went to my server, there was just a black screen...and tell me more: What should i do now? After i logged in the Command-Prompy said: WARNING: admin_server.lua: Access denied @ 'callRemote' - Line: 227
  11. No worry, i'm french too, or actually i'm a "half-french", so sorry for my english too...ok, ill try with localhost-22004...
  12. Oh, Yes, I'm running Windows (XP). I've tried with those instructions already, but when i start the server it says: [/] MTA:SA Deathmatch R1 :: 0/12 players :: 100 resources :: 93 fps =========================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Deathmatch v1.0-dp2 = =========================================================== = Server name : sc0field's server = Server IP address : = Server port : 22004 = = Log file : ..reas/server/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log = Maximum players : 12 = MTU packet size
  13. Hi! I'm trying to do a server, but i can't...could you help me and put here CLEAR instructions for that, please. So, how to create a server...?
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