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  1. Actually you can use the Race editor and convert it.It is fast an easy.
  2. Not much is made currently, but you should check out DarkDragon[GER]`s links, he is a talented map maker.
  3. Within time this will fix.Don`t forget MTA:DM is still at the BETA stage.There are lots of bugs for Race lovers to quit, plus the SA-MP community is huge, and is a real opponent.When the Map Editor is released and when the full version comes out, I`m sure MTA will get the attention it deserves.
  4. Really great, I`m hoping to experience this map soon!
  5. Yesterday I played on your map. I loved the original As-Ship and this is a great addition to it, good job.
  6. I got your issue and there is no need to worry.By using scripts to change car colors and to add upgrades, is not unfair because this is provided by the server.However if you create/download your own script which can do something that is not intended to be in the server, you can get a ban. No need for this topic anymore, mods should lock it.
  7. You remember my "Favorite Gamemode" topic, right?Well, now it is time to choose your most enjoyable server and share it with us, My favorite servers are the Polish Sleath server, for the great gamemode and community and Littlewhitey`s Racing server for the great racing experience.And when I feel like relaxing from shooting and racing adrenaline, I head over to that 24 hour Minigames server(forgot full name, sorry) for some fallout and hay stack climbing!
  8. Cheating is a way of giving yourself unfair advantage over others.It is usually causal from various programs, like S-t(I can`t say the full name).But changing car skins is also considered cheating.
  9. Oh, yeah it is great.I love the sync of MTA, overall.I think the fact to be able to dive underwater for heaps of time, with a thirsty shark, eating players is a great addition to the standard assault gamemode.
  10. Just though of this recently.From the huge variety of gamemodes in MTA:DM what is your favorite?What did you enjoy to play? My favourites are the Supermarket assault gamemode, it was very creative and left a laugh.It And the Team Wars Arena is great, that`s what MTA:DM is all about..
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