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  1. bureko

    MTA for GTA IV

    Yeaa, GTA 4 rocks. I asked it cos there is one project called IVMP ( and another called openIV??? ) but MTA is the best GTA online mod I've ever played. On the other hand, I don't know much about Script Languages but friends tell me that the script language that IVMP uses is Squirrel and is worst than LUA ( MTA language ). I wolud like create a GTA IV server and try vehicle mods, custom maps, multiplayed modes, ..., and I 'd like to use MTA
  2. bureko

    MTA for GTA IV

    Hi, I am writing this because i wanna ask mta people directly if there is one version of this unofficial multiplayer for GTA IV (developing). I heared from others that its true ... Thanks, bureko power HUHA!