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  1. vice city cause MTA will never be released!
  2. 7 what??? years??? damn... that moves the release date to 2010!!!! holy hell!!!
  3. umm.... for lack of a better word... WTF!!!! who cares!!! get the damn game out!!
  4. simoyd

    can i help?

    for your infrmation, i am a 1337 hacker and i could care less about respect.... i just dont want people to f*** with me. Im not the best no... do i need to be? btw there is no such thing as an email that you cannot trace, read the rfc and u would kno that. sending an email through a proxy does nothing, again, read the rfc and u will see i dont intend to fuk with anyone unless they fuk with me!!! lol so in otherwords... nothing will happen!! so lock this thread!!
  5. simoyd

    Recent news

    thank you trx! that's exactly what i wanted to know. about the previous posts. i'm not an ignorant fool, i did look around alot before i posted this. And yes i know alot of idiots dont and just ask questions. I always try to find my answer before i post stuff. i must have missed it sorry I'm not trying to tell them how to do their job, i am a programmer myself and i know how annoying that is. I realise i could have worded it differently. Adding things in is good, and i still want to push the fact that it is a beta (i dont mean to tell you what to do... this is mearly my oppinion) if you rea
  6. simoyd

    Recent news

    the thing is.... they can realease now...... AND later... they can IMPROVE the experience... it doesnt have to be perfect the first time around
  7. I've been reading the news, and seen things been wrapping up nicly. Walking and shooting is 100% done (or so it was implied) driving is 100% done (or so it was implied) the dedicated server is done (so it was blatently said) so... what else is there? keep in mind it's a beta... you CAN add more stuff AFTER you release it.. most people just want something as stable as what has already been described. in short, my question: What else do you guys need to finish before you release 0.3b?
  8. simoyd

    can i help?

    you'd be suprised how easy it is lol
  9. simoyd

    can i help?

    well.. it's not like its a present for me, or something that i want for christmas.. it's just if they need help i would be more than willing to help.. it's a nice idea that needs people to work hard on it... it's just that from the outside it doesnt look like people are workijng too hard on it. BUT i have no way of saying that, or assuming that. I cannot jump to conclusions about wether they are doing well or need help or what... so i am offering just in case (note: i did just pm vogel)
  10. I was wondering if you gues needed help? I have a fair ammount of programming skills in different languages and might be able to pitch in abit if given a chance.... i bet you guys have plenty of offers for people wanting to be beta testers, so i wont even bother trying to offer to be one. I would also be willing to do many other things, from making a more approprate progress indicator, to updating the news every day on progress that has been done in order to inform people who are waiting for it (but mostly i like programming). So if you guys need any help, my email is Simoyd@rogers.com (anyone
  11. i hope it's sarcastic (almost 3 weeks without any progress?? gimmie a break)
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