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  1. Hi, I have fixed your Help data you can download it here >>> KLICK <<< When you had download it you must rename the data (for example to Server_Rules) and You can edit when you want! Bye
  2. [MT]Tobi


    yeah, how to scipt that he only type the command when he is sitting in a vehicle which is to repair?
  3. [MT]Tobi


    ok, all is going right i have only one question, how to make a script that a person whith the ID 50 can give other player health, when they get in car? they also must pay 100$ for these service
  4. [MT]Tobi


    thx, in the server window he wrotes Warning: Bad argument @ 'getplayerskin` - Line 1 and 23 is that okay or any problem?
  5. [MT]Tobi


    great and how to get the money only when i am a taxi driver which the skin ID 14 ?
  6. [MT]Tobi


    yes thx, and what can I do that the driver gets the money, which the other hab payed?
  7. [MT]Tobi


    sry, but i doesn`t work again ^^, whats wrong?
  8. [MT]Tobi


    HI, need script! When i am a taxi driver and drive with my taxi and another people get in car, he must pay 100$ or so! What schould I do ? How must I scripting it that the driver is earning the money????
  9. [MT]Tobi


    Hello, I need help! How can I make a script, which function is,that only admins get in in a Classic Deathmatch Team! How can I set a password or so? Thx, bye
  10. yes that problem I have too @ MTA:DM Developer Preview2 Myaccount: zicklo please send me an Serial oder so!
  11. yes but where is the bank? or how can i create a bank on the map, like mabako-service?!
  12. THX for help, but can you put it in an ZIP-Archive and send me? I have made it, but when I type /bank in tha chatbox stands "Banking..." but nothing changed! I have alway no money , please help, thanks.....
  13. Hello I need help, how can I script money to Classic Deathmatch on the cdm_ls.map ! I would buy things, gut without money it doesn't go! This is what i have created: function createBankAccount ( player, commandName ) cash = getPlayerMoney ( player ) -- playname = xmlLoadFile("playname.xml") info = xmlCreateFile ( "playname.xml", "info" ) -- create the file "playname.xml" which looks like "" xmlNodeSetAttribute ( info, "user" ) -- add a subnode , now we got "" local banknode = xmlFindSubNode(playname, "user", 0) xmlNodeSetAttribute(banknode, "bank", tostring(cash)) --xmlNodeSetValu
  14. can be, but when I will login with an neew account, there is standing i should login with the other name which is "banned" ! how can I install MTA then??
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