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  1. This video is a long one but a good one I think, let me know
  2. Feel free to let me know here what the issue is and I will certainly try to point you in the right direction When the server starts, loaded doesn't mean running. It loads all resources in the mods/deathmatch/resources directory by plucking out the meta.xml file, but the configuration file determines what gets started. More videos will be coming soon, as soon as my computer is repaired and I get it back from HP
  3. In this episode we dive deeper into OOP with lua and learn about __index and metatables!
  4. In this episode we take a look at MTA:SA's OOP methods!
  5. In this episode we build a payday system!
  6. You can embed the youtube link wherever you'd like, just please don't download the video and repost it, as that doesn't really help me at all.
  7. Creating your own MTA server with many scripts, yes. New Video!
  8. In this episode we hook our GUI up to the backend!
  9. In this episode, we discuss building our first GUI in MTA:SA!! We also dive a bit further into the event system, and how we can use it for custom events.
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