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  1. it's the same deal, you don't create explosions but a small corona (you might wanna attach it if the element is moving, for example a player) how could i attach it i tryed alot of ways, but it never worked
  2. thx, i am gonna try this ^^, edit: it kinda worked but the limit just let me shoot 64
  3. me 2, exploding bullets are easy
  4. is the script from this video released yet? or could someone make it. or could someone just make something that creates Paintspots, then i can make it comeout of an weapon. please help.
  5. ------------------- JUMP --------------------------- function Jump ( key, keyState ) local vehicle = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) if ( keyState == "down" ) and ( isVehicleOnGround( vehicle ) == true ) then end local x, y, z = getElementVelocity(vehicle) setElementVelocity(vehicle, x, y, z + 0.4) end bindKey ( "z", "down", Jump ) -- bind the player's z down key The meaning of the script is that you can let your car jump with "Z". the car jumps, but you can let it jump when it's not touching the ground. and i can't fix it, it shoul
  6. Rickyz1992


    I don't get the ion cannon to work, could someone help me please. thx in advance.
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