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  1. I've sent all the errors to lil_toady anyway I got 3 kinds of errors: 2232, due textures I think 243, after connection a C++ error I'll post the screen later, because I g2g k?thxbai
  2. Stealth. Chinatown Stealth FTW! so skilly...
  3. Yes, i reinstalled windows vista and it worked fine without this procedure. But I also noticed that a lot of ppl were unsuccessfully trying to get it working, and me myself had problems to get it working.
  4. TommyLR

    Where to Download?

    ye it does but It isn't fully compatible with MTA DM dp
  5. TY works fine for my vista home premium of course it does.
  6. works a treat tommy. cheers for that ty
  7. I've found a fix for me, and I reported it on the forum. What's wrong with this? Lucky u that works without this procedure, but I know that surely many other people is trying to get it working. EDIT: I run a x32 version, and u an x64 so maybe this is the difference between us....
  8. Ok Ring_of_Fire I really don't care about your "all wrong" reporting, 'cs it worked fine at me, and I think it's the only solution to get MTA working on Vista Ultimate. So plz STFU and try to do not flame, ty!
  9. try to switch from 32 to 16 and decals to low or medium, thru singleplayer.
  10. I just wanna report a solution I found to play MTA correctly... on the release day I tryed all the solution I found on this board and noone fixed the freezing problem. Today I wanted to try again with an other procedure and the game started successfully. HowTo: -Right Click on Multi Theft Auto.exe, compatibility, Win 95 (that's right), apply. -Right Click on GTA_SA.exe, compatibility, Win XP SP2, apply. -Run MTA, as an Administrator, now you should not freeze. -Settings -> video -> unflag all. -Reboot MTA and join a server. If u don't do the fourth step you may crash on joining
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