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  1. yes i know, i also did. but after playing 4 times my antivirus deleted a file of mta because it was suspected, so i need to reinstall everything again. i also had the problem when i was at the external browser list, that i couldnt connect to a server so thats kinda strange.
  2. Ah ive installed it. if more people are having to deal with this issue, go to: there you can find the solution, although, i could
  3. It also failed. i get an error that i cannot unpackage the file. sorry for the trouble ill try to open it tommorow without any anti-virus, maybe that will help.
  4. yes only that error. downloaded it for the 3d time without succes.
  5. I already added an exeption rule and i putted it to trusted programs and i still get the same error.. that includes windows firewall and kaspersky by the way.
  6. hi guys, i tried to download it but im having a trojan horse now and cannot open the file. any other options available? im running windows 7 home edition. problem: installer integrity check has failed. common causes include imcomplete download and damaged media.