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  1. Make another variable that checks if it already added a lap and create a greater radius it has to leave so it goes back to the beginning situation. I made some alterations: local sx,sy = guiGetScreenSize() fontLCD22 = dxCreateFont("lcd.ttf", 22) local lap = 1 local x, y, z = false local a, b, c = false local dist = false local newLap = false function updateDisplay() a, b, c = getElementPosition(localPlayer) if x and y and z then dist = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, a, b, c) end if getElementData(localPlayer, "race.checkpoint") =
  2. Thanks to both of you! I needed both adjustments to make the script working.
  3. Hello, recently I've picked up MTA map editing again with the lua scripting that comes with it. Right now I'm creating a race and in this race I want to teleport the player to a location as soon as it hits a previously created marker. For simplification and testing purposes I changed it so that the player will teleport when it hits any marker on the map. But when testing the map it doesn't work. When I enter a marker it doesn't teleport to the specified location. I tried various, for example changing the 'player' variable to other names, but I can't get it to work. I suppose I have missed some
  4. Thanks both! And imagine the following situation. At day 1 someone enters the server with the name Sam. He registers and leaves. At day 2 another person enters the server, also with the same name Sam and he registers too. How to prevent that the account of Day 1 Sam will be overwritten? I wan't to tell Day 2 Sam that his name is already registered and it would be nice to rename himself.
  5. Is it possible to check if a player is logged in on his account? And if it is, how? Thanks!
  6. Hello all, I have a server and the errors keep coming with my new script. Right now I try a script where it should fire a heat seeking rocket at you in a 50.0 sphere from 354.43, 2028.49, 25.4141 if you are 30.0 in z-coords. When that is true it should fire a heat-seeking rocket on you (like happens in single player if you are flying above area 69). Right now I have a script. I made a colSphere with a radius of 50.0, I check if the player is in the colSpher. If it is true it should throw a heat seeking rocket at the player. Sad enough it doesn't work. The isn't created a projectile (at least
  7. Thank you! =D But why did you use 'getAllVehicles'? According to the mta wiki that function doesn't exist. And what does the part 'for _,vehicle in pairs ( getAllVehicles ( ) )' mean?
  8. Hello, I have some questions about freezing a vehicle. I make a server and with a .map file I create vehicles. What I want is when the server starts all the vehicles should be frozen immediately. But how to do this? I know I can get the vehicle by the following line: local vehicle = getElementByID("vehicle") And I know I can freeze the vehicle with the following line: setVehicleFrozen(vehicle,true) But how to run this immediately when the server starts? Thanks a lot! Bierbuikje
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