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    can you help me

    Valhalla choose to limit idiots from ingame by making players register on the site. Here is the page to register: http://www.valhallagaming.net/mtaucp/register.php
  2. I second that It is one of the most popular MTA servers. It has a few events that happen once a week such as Flood Friday and Sex Toy Sunday. It has no shortage of features... Trucking Missions. Hide and Seek. Vehicle Attachments. Easy Navigation for multiple features. (Example: /svwheel) Special Vehicles. More seats in some vehicle models. Disable collision with objects that are not part of the original map. Plenty of staff. (Not abusers but not overly serious) And much more.
  3. The one thing I would like to see return is the mirror list. The main mirror is a little slow compared to the others.
  4. I expect it will be better than the English here.
  5. This topic is nearly 54 months (5 and a half years) old now... Who thinks it will reach a decade!
  6. Can you explain it in your own language and provide a Google translation. I am guessing it will be more helpful. From a little Googling I am guessing you are Dutch. Kunt u dit uitleggen in uw eigen taal en een Google vertaling. Ik veronderstel dat zal meer helpen. Van een beetje Googlen ben ik vermoed, dat jullie zijn Nederlanders. http://translate.google.com/#auto|en|
  7. If I remember correctly... you have to give the resource the correct ACL permissions.
  8. Did you cut your nails before taking that photo?
  9. Cecer1

    The White Rabbit

    SERT INT is part of the SQL Query "INSERT INTO" I expect
  10. Cecer1

    The White Rabbit

    That is a very good point...
  11. Cecer1

    The White Rabbit

    You never know... there might be a reward! Even if it is a slice of bread... THAT IS ONE SLICE OF BREAD SA-MP WILL NEVER HAVE! I am just doing it for the fun anyway I noticed there is an INSERT query. Could this hold a user ID for this forum?
  12. Cecer1

    The White Rabbit

    I was just about to post that. I got it a little different. Edit: I forgot to put the "so far" in Edit 2: Line 24 "ÀììÒW" Probably nothing
  13. Cecer1

    The White Rabbit

    Neither am I. I am guessing it is just the police radio. There was one clue in the video so there could be nothing else. The paste bin is interesting though. I will post an update shortly
  14. Cecer1

    The White Rabbit

    I am doing some audio tweaks to it to try and get some words out of it. Code Blue anyone? It sounds like in game stuff on the police radio
  15. So I came on today. Did my standard check for updates of a few things. MTA was down... "Damn, this sucks" Checked it just now and almost had a heart attack... NOT EXPECTING THAT! I love it! It is absolutely amazing! Before MTA and SA-MP looked the same by the homepage. This really does show the true colours of quality. Top marks. What does everyone else think?
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