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  1. I have a full time + OT job doing C# programming and IT, live an hour away from work. My free time is maybe 2 hours a day. I don't want to spend all that time working even more. The website will be up when it's up. I have tried multiple paths to the site now. I have now a setup that will work, but it needs a front end. If you can customize phpbb, Titania, and anchor to all work together perfectly overnight, be my guest and do it. I spent half of January moving into a new place that was 20 miles away, working on my truck, doing housework. I am not some kid who can spend all day on his PC doing
  2. To be honest, I was excited at the first moment this was posted here, but after some days I just lost the interest, I mean, I offered help (with the site/forum), talked with sniper, done some "forum prototypes" and all, but he just said nothing to me (he was never online at skype) and put another guy in the place to do the work (who doesn't put the website on till today, 2 months have passed). I have nothing against sniper or the other guy (who is Global Mod here), but I just got upset with this situation.
  3. Make a setTimer parameter who sets "warningGiven [ source ] = false" after xxxx milliseconds, just after setting him to true.
  4. This alone sums up the purpose he posted it. I'm latin and I found that offensive. @Sniper: as i'm saying I don't really have enough time until the 7th of December.. Anyways, if you do really need somebody I can try to cooperate Sniper and ProGear reached exactly where is supposed to... I'm Brazilian too, but, honestly, they just said the truth. Only us, who are active since the first MTA:DayZ community, know why we are saying this. They just want everything ready in his hands, don't want to search for something (at least for a problem/solution), wants everything free (if you TRY to ment
  5. Like I said, I think he's talking about the "childish Brazilian scripters", because in the game and at the VaveGames community, the Brazilian scripters/users are always find a way to "f*ck" the mod, decompiling, putting thousands of mods and scripts, cheating or abusing admin powers, ruining the experience of the game and the community as itself. Obviously this isn't a "Brazilian" privilege, but as a Brazilian, I need to confirm that they are majority.
  6. Well, I can manage something like mta.dayz.com.br (for the domain, this can be changed at any moment), and setup something now, at least to show you something today. Everything (download plugin, donation system) is possible, I'm just concerned about the CMS Forum System we can use. I mean, IP.Board is paid, but we can use phpBB (like this forum), I just need to search about the plugins... I will search now. D:
  7. Hey Sniper, simstosh (or SimS™) from the old Vavegames community (I have the source files too, but let's say they are a little "outdated", because I just got the source from 0.5.6 version with Marwin but forgot to take before the forums goes off). Or, to be more "specific", with you (from ffs servers) one of the official community servers since dayz-mta.net forums I can help and, more than that, offer a forum ready service with a very specific domain for this "project". I own a forum about the DayZ Mod in my country (dayz.com.br). We already have a category about DayZ MTA created, but with s
  8. Why don't u say this before u say me to debug the command? And now I found the real command (setPlayerName) on Wiki. I've searched for setPlayerName (a little obviously that's the function to change the name) but his name on wiki is SetPlayerName, not setPlayerName, and when I use the search, I haven't see the right command. Anyway, thanks.
  9. He debugs, but won't return any errors (and show the right values) I put this, like on Wiki local setname = getpname.." "..getsurname outputDebugString( "Nome = '"..setname.."'" ) if (setPlayerNametagText ( player, setname )) then outputDebugString( "Nick alterado! De '"..getname.."' para '"..setname.."'" ) end And the server returns this [13:13:55] INFO: Nome = 'Maneiro Broder' [13:13:55] INFO: Nick alterado! De '[FOTL]SimS' para 'Maneiro Broder' But the nick in-game isn't changed. I don't understand, because I've tried to create a local variable with getPlayerFr
  10. I've already debugged. He won't return any errors (no errors on MTA Server and /debugscript 3 on game). He only maintains the player's nick the same. And player is the player ID, he isn't the problem, cause the same "player" value works to the other functions (return player account, set cj clothes, player money, etc.) Here is the entire function. function onPlayerLogged ( player ) local getname = getPlayerName ( player ) local account = getPlayerAccount ( player ) local getmoney = getAccountData ( account, "zmrp.money" ) local getzkills = getAccountData ( account, "zmrp
  11. simstosh

    Server Binds

    Yea, reading what SolidSnake14 says and what this guy says, I think is an advertisement what this guy wants
  12. Well, this is getting me a little busy. Tell me if this is wrong... An table go, from 0 to the maximum items u put, right? Ex.: from [0] to [67] (68 items on a table) I do a outputDebugString to show me what value is being setted by the buttons, cause the shirts aren't being setted right. But when I press the button to back, he goes one time forward, and the rest backward. If I press forward, it's the same, but on inverse, one time backward and the rest forawrd. Why this? My "operation" is wrong? Table with the texture/model names. ShirtTextures = {"player_torso", "vestblack", "vest"
  13. Yeah, i saw on lua wiki before post this (because I saw about the numbers using [#] method, not about text) And on php this method is called array, not table Too much language codes on my head haha Thanks for the help.
  14. One more question... Can I create a Array to put all textures/models names? I think it's more easy to do... Example: Just do HeadModels = {"a","b","c"}, and after this use only HeadModels[0], HeadModels[1], HeadModels[2]... ?
  15. Thanks, I will try. And as always, very helpful varez (And with the right names, I found on Offline Wiki )
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