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  1. Your right I think it can work both ways. (puts foot in mouth) I forgot that you can leave it blank. I've had a few key binding issues, so I usually do that.
  2. No he forgot to mention the key and the state of the key in the function declaration. function keyboard ( source, key, state ) bindKey ( source, "c", "down", createRamp ) end
  3. Make sure the script is server side. Also: function keyboard ( source, key, state ) bindKey ( source, "c", "down", createRamp ) end
  4. I was curious if anyone has any idea of how to create a first person camera? I was thinking it might be cool to make it so passengers in a car go to first person view, a lot like the time when you are in the car shooting the cops and big smoke is driving. Anyone have any idea how to do this or if it is possible?
  5. I have noticed this on my script and server. I think it MIGHT be a MTA bug. Since I haven't touched vehicles at all.
  6. Actually he had them in there, I don't use them. But math wise it shouldn't have any effect on it, I don't think. But then again, they could screw it up.
  7. You need to label each one of the moving parts. I see that you are creating new objects instead of moving them. Something like this I think: function Load( name ) if name ~= getThisResource() then return else gate1 = createObject ( 986, 96.790939, 1921.111084, 18.860405, [ 1.570796, 0.000000, 0.000000 ] ) end end function gateOneOpen ( thePlayer ) moveObject ( gate1, 3000, 96.940948, 1925.990845, 18.860405, [ 1.570796, 0.000000, 0.000000 ] ) outputChatBox ( "Gate one opening", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0 ) end function gateOneClose
  8. When you do createObject do this gate1 = createObject and then gate2 = createObject . That is how you would label them, then do: moveObject ( gate1, 3000, x, y, z ). And do the same for gate2 for the position you want the object to move. Hope that helps
  9. I think I saw that post was locked. Maybe theres a new one.
  10. Quest

    GUI stuff

    I am curious where I could find some basic and easy to understand info about GUI. For some reason I find it extremely complex, I was hoping someone is aware of a tutorial (I am not aware of one atm). And all the gamemode ones I see are very complex. I looked at mabakos PaynSpray script, and wowza awesome job, but I was totally confused. I look at the wiki but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions, or gamemodes with very basic GUI, with basic button functions etc that I can look at? I also tried the admin panel, that is very thick also, good job Toady. Thanks in Advance!
  11. Trial and Error, just try a 25 person server. If that works fine bump it up and keep doing that til you feel its too much.
  12. It's built into the admin resource. Basically they are either cheaters who are trying to use False serials, or they are someone who made a mistake modifying their serial for any number of reasons. Basically, they need a valid serial key to play MTA.
  13. Quest


    Post your actual command here. You must have a { somewhere or something in front of it that doesn't make sense. The code Jumba posted will work fine. Do you mind posting it?
  14. Quest


    Yeah, I prefer just to use folders with mine. Dunno why it works well.
  15. Quest


    LUA doesnt require to use { } only in certain situations. You are thinking of pawno.
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