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  1. i can edit is some flying track on map you spawn train and can fly in train its track where tracks is installed sorry 4 bad english
  2. how to edit train tracks what resource or ini file ?? and how to edit it ??
  3. ok works i dont add to mtaserver.CONF
  4. don't work don't create marker
  5. i looking for bomb shop script. please give me working script i cant find working script this of lua tutorials dont working i try to fix it end i cant i dont understand lua scripting
  6. i dont need ids i heave it i need script to add/change models to cars see movie ?? He say command end add on the RC cam computer change cashe of the monster truck change weels to pizza
  7. what function costum/add models with gta3.img ??
  8. [18:33:39] Starting lol [18:33:39] SCRIPT ERROR: ...s/MTA San AndreasDM/server/mods/deathmatch/resourcecache/lol/script6.lua:2: '(' expected near 'txd' [18:33:39] INFO: Loading script failed: ...s/MTA San AndreasDM/server/mods/deathmatch/resourcecache/lol/script6.lua:2: '(' expected near 'txd' its errors server dont kown what is the txd what command i mast use it's dont't id
  9. Where is error?? function change txd = engineLoadTXD ( "models/monster.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( admiral, 3781 ) dff = engineLoadDFF ( "models/monster.dff", 0 ) engineReplaceModel ( admiral, 3781 ) end addCommandHandler ( "setcashe", change ) end i must heave the dff monster.dff end monster.txd in the zip file ?? i wont costum no change this files heave 1 mb it's can lagging
  10. Where i can found costum models (movie ) scripti sreaching on google and found nothing i need this script to freeroman
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