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    CD 47 DDOS

    Serial: CF0BF665ECDDDE5FF7AB2C445D7C1394 Banned for ddosing I admit my guilt. I don't have any desires to be anyhow connected with anything about "ddos" now and in the near future either.
  2. Great resource! Thanks! I think I have found a minor "bug". Create window with 1 or better 2 editboxes. Use only right mouse button or middle mouse button to select editboxes, you will see that caret appears, but if you will try to enter text - it won't enter.
  3. I changed only fps, which isn't a big job *lol* Thanks to the devs and to the contributors! Cheers 1.5.3
  4. Is there any way to set unsupported (higher) resolution in MTA (windowed mode)? So I'll be able to test GUI on 4K resolution with my FullHD monitor. Would be nice to had such option for devs
  5. Thank you, @NegativeIQ. I guess I can use dbExec and don't need to free db in this case
  6. Oh, it actually works. Thank you! I like this way. @NegativeIQ oh, wait. But what to do if data different for all players? Same columns but different data
  7. Thanks for the reply, but I'll try to use multi statements and see how it works. Need to enable it in dbConnect and use dbPrepareString
  8. I've been searching for a MySQL tips and noticed there is no such topics on this forum. So let's fix this little problem. I want to know more about optimising MySQL queries and how to interract with MySQL correctly, I am newbie in that. I learned that putting queries in the loop it's too performance-expensive, wrong, and very big chance it'll freeze your server for uncertain time. So if I want to get information from DB for a many players, better to make it using only 1 query. Example: "SELECT * FROM race_stats WHERE playerID IN(??)" Where "??" = table with logged in players. But, what if I want to update information for a many players at the same time? How such query should look like? For 1 player it looks like this: "UPDATE race_stats SET id1 = id1 + ?, id2 = id2 + ?, id3 = id3 + ?, id4 = id4 + ?, id5 = id5 + ? WHERE playerID = ?" But how to make the same for all players? Put query in the loop will be too performance-expensive I guess and will create laggs. P.S. Maybe for such thing as player stats better to learn MySQL procuderes and create procedure for this, I am newbie, just asking. Don't even know what is procedures exactly, just heard about it.
  9. function getSortedTable( tableToSort ) --this function will sort our unsorted table and return sorted table local sortedTable = {} for player, money in ipairs(tableToSort) do local playerName = getPlayerName(player) table.insert( sortedTable,{ ['name'] = playerName, ['value'] = money } ) end table.sort(sortedTable, function(a, b) return a.value > b.value end ) return sortedTable end function show10RichestPlayers() local sortedPlayers = getSortedTable(notSortedTable) --notSortedTable is our table with player element as a key and money number as value for i=1, 10 do outputChatBox(sortedPlayers[i].name.." - $"..sortedPlayers[i].value, root, 0, 255, 0) end end addCommandHandler('show10', show10RichestPlayers) This is how I did it. Here could be mistakes, I didn't tested this code. Maybe for somebody this info will be useful
  10. That's not exactly what I asked for. I want the key as a player and value as money amount Anyways thanks, seems like I'll get how to do it myself.
  11. Oh yeah, He use shader to change paintjob. Guess he need to replace "vehiclegrunge256" texture name using engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture Something like this I guess (for elegy) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(shader, "vehiclegrunge256", 562) He is finally registered @Stroth
  12. How to sort a table where key is a player(userdata) and value is money(number). How to sort by value? Thanks!
  13. @darkdreamingdan I got this: Sorry, there is a problem You are not permitted to register a user account with this site. Error code: 2S129/1 @darkdreamingdan I think we are both banned on the every forum with IPB engine. Just a guess, can't be sure of course. Update: friend said he registered. And I have an account so I won't try Thank you! Oh wait, he said he used mobile internet.
  14. Hi, community! A friend of mine can't register on the forum, he asked me to post following: