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  1. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources There you can find some maps.
  2. I really like your maps. Its sad that you leave, but GL with your life and btw thanks for these maps
  3. Tropic

    DM steel wire

    not bad, but overscripted,long and boring
  4. Tropic

    Low fps

    I installed those drivers, but i have still low fps. edit: now i have good fps.
  5. Tropic

    Serveri starting

    When added you as admin go to server and use /login [nick] [pass] and then use "P" to open admin panel.
  6. Tropic

    Low fps

    @Jaysds1 I installed that and now when i start MTA there comes "Grand Theft Auto SA requires at least directx 9.0". @Towncivilian I cant download those drivers cuz they are to vista and xp only and i have latest directX and MTA:SA
  7. Tropic

    Serveri starting

    Idk if this helps but put gamemode to C:/Progmanfiles/MTA san andreas 1.1/ server/mods/deatcmatch/resources folder. Then start server and join server and start gamemode with admin panel. Hope this helps
  8. Tropic

    Low fps

    I tryed reinstall GTA sa and didnt workd
  9. Tropic

    Low fps

    I checked it and i have latest updates, Thx anyways
  10. GTA san andreas ofc, its got lot of features to do
  11. Just awesome maps and thanks to download link^^
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