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  1. Shit, I'll have to take a look to what's wrong with the code. I know this is a little bit offtopic, but, is the admin resource working? Last time I used a nightly, it didn't. I loaded ladmin into MTA, it also uses menus, and I think that could be the source of the problem.
  2. Are menus supposed to work? If not, could you make some cheap implementation from menus to a simple GUI (idk, maybe buttons with the name of the options)? That would be really cool.
  3. Thank you, Gamesnert. That was my mistake. I used getLocalPlayer. But now that I use getRootElement, the script just pushes peds, and doesn't pop them. This is the code that executes the push n' pop: function onStreamIn ( ) local tipo = getElementType ( source ) if tipo == "ped" then table.insert ( zombies, source ) outputConsole ( "STACK PUSH!" ) end end function onStreamOut ( ) local tipo = getElementType ( source ) if tipo == "ped" then table.remove ( zombies, source ) outputConsole ( "STACK POP!" ) end end addEv
  4. Yep, the first thing i did was to put some output, it doesn't get triggered. It worked once and what it made my player attack himself because I wasn't checking if streamed objects were peds or not, but after I started checking, never worked again.
  5. Ok so I tried to do something like Ace told me, but with tables, by using Lua's table.insert & table.remove on an empty table, but they don't get in it. Hmm...
  6. Thanks for the help. @Talidan: after getting all the peds I use that function, but getting all the peds is really what lags the client, they're over 5000. @Ace_Gambit: thanks for that, sounds like a great idea. However, I just have a minimal idea of what a stack is... could you give me an example, please?
  7. Thanks. I tried using a timer, but it's kinda the same, it freezes two times per second lol. I'm searching for a more useful method of getting the peds around me. I currently use (all this is clientside) getElementsByType and then isElementStreamedIn. I tried to create a colcircle around the player's position, that gets updated (or created again) everytime my function is called, but the circle simply won't create. I don't know what to do. Please help me.
  8. You don't understand the syntax posted in the wiki. Your line should be: setPedAnimation ( thePed, "ped", "WALK_drunk", 1, true, true, true) Try that, it should work. A tip: To stop the animation, just do setPedAnimation ( thePed )
  9. HALLO =D I'm making a nice zombie peds script like a multiplayer survival horror. But I have some problems. I always have some problems. I spawn 5000 peds all over San Andreas. Then, to make them follow the nearest player, I use onClientRender, so every client checks if there are any near peds and make them follow the local player. To do this, I create a colshape (circle) around the player and get the ped elements in it, but it fucking lags. Any ideas on how to do this?
  10. Two things: You don't ask for free custom scripts here. You don't speak like that. I had to read it all over again to understand what you said. So, yup, you better go to the wiki and start scripting it by yourself, it can't be that hard ;D
  11. lol... i just used that title because makes people pay attention, i got my awnser in about ten minutes, that is what i wanted. Thank you all. I don't think MTA is fucked, i love it, i use it since the old releases in VC.
  12. You don't actually hit him, the guy gets hit by you. Contradictory, isn't it ?
  13. Of course I payed attention NOW. I made multiple windows and everything's fine.
  14. humm... it has to be f*cked (or changed) in some way because not even the example in the wiki worked. Gonna try your code. EDIT: Whoa, it fucking works. I don't know, it used to work before the way I did it. Thanks. I kinda love you. I owe you one.
  15. but those are sync issues from MTA itself, you can't really do much about it.
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