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  1. Thanks for your help guys, hopefully the linux version will be out soon
  2. Sorry to bring up a very old thread again, but has this been released or is near to being released ? Thanks
  3. @Lordy: That would require the whole map to be built again wouldn't it cause afaik you can only replace the models of objects that were spawned by the script ? @robhol: I was hoping to delete the doherty wasteland and rebuild it so it was of more use so interiors wouldn' really work very well.
  4. I have been looking at ways of deleting only some parts of the standard map, changing the ipl etc, but can't find any way to work. If I delete the parts in the ipl file, mta no longer loads and I know of any other way. Is it possible to remove some parts of the map using any other way that works with MTA ?
  5. Is it possible for someone to remake this using the new functions in the nightlies so it doesn't lag anymore ?
  6. I tried doing the setPedControlState to make it move but it didn't work. So don't know if it's possible or not.
  7. I did have a look at that before I tried to make an sql account system but I dont like how it can only be one name and one value instead of one name with all the data.
  8. Yeah I use the sql browser thing. Because my vehicles use the database. I might try again after I done some more important things for the server.
  9. I tried sql and it just totally messed up and the inability of adding new columns to the table makes it less practical for my server.
  10. Well me and another scripter have been trying to make a different account system as the standard MTA one is bugged. We made it all and it worked fine to begin with but now it just gives lots of the same error on the same line. We can't work out what is wrong. _getClientAccount = getClientAccount function getClientAccount(source) if xml then local count = 0 local account = xmlFindSubNode(xml,"account",count) local name = getClientName(source) while (xmlNodeGetAttribute(account,"name") ~= name or false) do count = count + 1
  11. I just worked on a lock system using this sort of thing and it doesnt let me enter any car after cancelEvent has happened. Is there any expected time for the function to be fixed ?
  12. forum dont load either and the ping just shows request timed out
  13. Is it just me or isn't the website working
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