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  1. In the next release of MTA:sa:dm will the Nightvision and themal googles be syced? Because I know the current version of gta rumble doesn't support it. It would be kinda nice in the dark places or even hiding to see the other player.
  2. /me looks at the list to try to find his name but can't see it!!!!!
  3. Hey, long time no see who ever remembers me LOL! anyways I got a suggestion, On brower server can we get a auto refresh once you click on browers servers or a option to? just a suggestion and what about favorite servers? we can't save them?
  4. I can't wait to try this mod it looks great already!
  5. It seems the mtasw mod site is down.... hope it is back up soon .
  6. The bowcaster looks sweet rebel, I think it is fine how it is. I looked on the todo list and I noticed most of the characters are finished. Is it possible to see some of them? lol.
  7. I would love to play this mod when it comes out, If you guys are still working on it? there hasn't been an update in a while and this mod has been moving quite nicely in speed. Keep working hard ! and good work
  8. Here is my cj and my Sweeeet ride
  9. what about me !!! Thnks alot I miss the Stunt Masters old days!
  10. k, it was not a ad what so ever and am sorry ... , anyways thanks .i got some other people to help I think. Well hope to see you guys around the forums and stuff . laters
  11. , Guess who is BACK in town boys and girls............. . Any whoooo I got a favor to ask from the forums. I want a free Ipod..... I now it may sound really lame but I want to know if it works. So I have no Idea how this thing works, so ... here is my linky thingy : REMOVED. I think you guys have to sign up, am not sure.. . But if anyone wants to help me out, I will love you forEVER! Greets to all my peeps, MAD_BOY MTA TEAM All the stunters and watch for a GTA:sa Stunt vid from me. Later
  12. I don't know if this has been asked before, but is there a gta3 version coming out...?
  13. DJ GTA

    MTA:MA Scripting

    maybe I should search next time... Thanks Xrc and Oli
  14. DJ GTA

    MTA:MA Scripting

    I have a idea for a script, but I don't think some of it is possible right now but anyways.. A clan RPG script: Using some code from the bank rpg script have one for clans, I explain. The admin of the server and other people can make there own vitural clans on the server and other people can join them (command : !create clan [n00ds] ) and who evers joins the server can join the clans. (an another commands would be !show clans and !show (id/name) clan . the clans can fight in a sealed location by using a !loc commands on a timer or something ( i have no clue) to check if the player is in
  15. Very nice, but is it just for vice city or will there be changes to gta3?
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