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  1. why dont you optamize the code by makeing the " you leveled up to level 2 change to something like you leveled up to level [current level+ 1] then you have unlimited levels, and just set a max level.... you could allso translate it to a percentage bar, eg 50/125 xp
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    ok, ill see if i can hook something up.
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    Scroll panes are in DP2?, Examples are not yet conducted on the Wiki, and are limited to a group. Could there be a possible update on this? Thanks for the reply, great to know i can count on a dev to help out eAi is a little devil
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    I'm creating a GUI inventory, soon to have item support. But I'm needing a few pointers. Things like... Is it possible to "drag" and "drop" images in boxes much like WoW, silk road etc. if not, is it possible to make images that when clicked, do something e.g add a image thats click able(on the fly) much like the example above, but staticly placed on a scroll bar. Lastly can i make a scrollbar, that scrolls a ordinary GUI window..
  5. when i place debugscript 3 at the top in the function in the client hud script at all. The GUI is not displayed. on a side note at http://forum.samp-host.net/ the irc link, irc.cml is not working
  6. nope, still not working it makes no sense, it SHOULD work.
  7. this is were it starts(toggles the window that the info is displayed in. Client function guiToggleVisibleCharSheet ( ) --guiSetText(nameLabel, "Name: " .. guiGetText ( name )) --guiSetText(ageLabel, "Age: " .. guiGetText ( age )) outputDebugString ( "PlayerJoin" ) triggerServerEvent ( "SendMyInfo", getLocalPlayer() ) guiSetText(genderLabel, "Sex: " .. guiGetText ( gender )) if ( guiGetVisible ( charSheet ) == true ) then guiSetVisible ( charSheet, false ) else guiSetVisible ( cha
  8. Well, my brother (great coder) created the Newest edition to the Godfather script, now known as "Sin city". He has no more time to do anything, and to be quite frank what you speak of the whole "ban and DM fest" is whats happened to GF. Although the script is far from finished, it had a sense of profession to it. i hope to carry on that legacy in MTA, creating fun and full scripts that will be played and appreciated. Although he has stopped, I have started, and with his help(correcting my mistakes, showing me coding and ways to code stuff) have created almost a fully working Mobile Forces r
  9. i belive its like mine.... let me see
  10. ohhh, dam thanks for letting me know though... i hope they add skin and weapons model changing support.
  11. Seting a new model for a skin I'm having a bit of trouble adding the new model txd = engineLoadTXD("models/swat.txd") engineImportTXD(txd, 285) dff = engineLoadDFF("models/swat.dff", 0) engineReplaceModel(dff, 285) Models_client.lua ^ <meta> <info author="Brian" name="Skins" version="1" type="gamemode" /> <script src="spawn.lua" /> <script src="models_client.lua" type="client" /> <file src="models/swat.txd" /> <file src="models/swat.dff" /> </meta> meta.XML ^ EDIT: anyone haveing problems with
  12. A function to set the fall damage and the multiplier of the dmg... and a search button in the groups section of the mtabeta.com site...
  13. BrianNZ

    CTF mode

    IF you pick up the enemy flag, and die you respawn with it...
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