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  1. Why is everyone blaming the key system as the problem? That's not the problem. it worked fine. But, for whatever reason, they disabled the key creation server "temporarily". That's the problem. Bring it back! Why it's not back yet, I have no idea.. but it sucks. Because, literally THE DAY I said, hmm I'll download DM again and get my server back up for it, Toady closed the serial generator.. great timing
  2. Serials are not generated by the account... so chaning your IP and making a new account wouldn't work... nice try though. It's a hardware serial, they would need to replace their computer. Soooo, the talented programmers HAVE realised this.... Get your facts straight, before trying to insult their work, and telling them to pretty much throw away a system I'm sure they have worked very hard on. And, I LOVE the serial system, I've been an MTA server owner for about 3 years.... so I know the old IP banning doesnt work... thats why Serials is the way to go. THe client hooks into your computer
  3. Cool, thank you Toady. Hopefully this will reduce the requests and multiple threads, if people don't see this thread.. then all hope is lost
  4. Thanks Hankey, QFT Edited my first post.. I made this thread out of habit... My current career is Web Master/Tech Support Engineer... And, our company has open forums where users post their questions and comments, and our devs and such answer them, so It's very important to make things as simple and user friendly as possible, just to try to limit problems. Sure, having to make a post like this topic seems dumb, but if it helps the issue, why not? Hopefully the Moderators at these forums can do something as well... maybe even sticky this, or make their own, but something needed to be done.
  5. Sorry, but the serial script is deactivated right now. Once it is back, you should automatically get one. So, please don't make any new posts until it is announced that the generator is indeed running again. Trying to clear up the confusion, and take some of the stress away from the developers. Here is a quote from an MTASA Dev Lil Toady: Also: So, please refrain from making new posts requesting this. *Disclaimer: I am not a dev member, but I am a very long time member of the MTA community. I am making this post to hopefully help keep the forum spamming down, and to clarify the current
  6. Use this function: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... hicleModel
  7. Check the front page Most likely related with the mta web server issues
  8. there is a way to have it just detect when you jump onto a car or a vehicle.. I don't use it, since it is kinda buggy, and if you want to ride on a plane, and move once you just fall through, and car sticking is buggy.. I got the clientside code from AlienX's server, and I have made my own server side handeler for it. Clientside Code (CREDITS GO TO THE ALIENX SERVER): local contactVehicle = false local localGlueState = false local controlDelay = 5 --frames local jumpDelay = 20 --frames local movementControls = {"forwards","backwards","left","right"} local
  9. Or you can keep it Opensource like everything should be All this OMG SO SECRET stuff will kill things... Opensource FTW
  10. Talk to me On ventrilo Dazza...
  11. Well, yes this really isn't a converter in the sense that it doesn't alter the .map folder. It's purpose is for server owners like me with 100's(or 1000's) of maps... that want to batch create the meta files/directories. I also was not aware that the cache was not needed. Oh well Anyway.. thanks for the thanks from the people who needed this for its original purpose
  12. I don't understand why the physics of race are so messed up, when the physics of any other game mode is fine.. But, I agree with those above... The DM race has issues, but I understand 100%, as this is the first release. Something else I noticed: Barrels seem to cause a greater drop in framerate than they used to.. Also: yes, I have made a batch converter too that can convert as many maps as you want at once. Posted here: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=21075
  13. Hehe, yes Ramrod, I released it because you asked Figured.. why not? Enjoy Let me know how it worked.
  14. Thanks! Yes, that is exactly right, that's all outlined in the Readme Although, your forgot the zip step
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