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  1. Where I can receive an inexpensive host for my server? HELP PLEASE
  2. im is not admin but i see it About topic.I do not know


    Help me to create account for viewing statistics (access only to a resource scoreboard). Or there is other alternative variant? I need name ping score Or more complete statistics help me! sorry for eng
  4. fix rerister on http://community.mtasa.com/ and enter information here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas
  5. нахрена вы сменили адрес mtabeta.com на http://community.mtasa.com/ ???????? CAN I NOW REGISTER OR INSTAL???????????????
  6. <include resource="helpmanager" /> hm... make the new resource from help only... sorry for eng
  7. For the developers please, add cyrilic for new version of mta dm special for russian sorry for eng)
  8. How to remove a blip-icon from a corner of a radar, that she was displayed only when I am near to her help me please
  9. thx for script... will see sorry for eglish) from russia
  10. Capsinuras, big thx u for this script. it work perfect! but i wait map editor ps sorry for english
  11. o no! i have errors! HELP ME! [08:19:46] WARNING: position.lua: Bad 'player' pointer @ 'spawnPlayer'(1) - Line: 64 [08:19:46] ERROR: .../mods/deathmatch/resourcecache/position/position.lua:64: stack overflow [08:20:08] ERROR: .../mods/deathmatch/resourcecache/position/position.lua:176: attempt to concatenate local 'color4' (a nil value) HELP ME PLZ!
  12. спасибо! всмысле Thanks
  13. The mistake of a file settimgs.xml. has bothered help me it to create... What it is necessary to specify in this file sorry for english big thx
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