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  1. It looks like that! Where the hell is dp3 and map editor!!!???
  2. Just type in console: changemode stealth sth-fox
  3. Yes, others can /register and /login too!
  4. Latvian (LV) = Esi sveicinats musu serveri! Raksti !commands , lai redzetu servera komandas!
  5. Is this a standalone script or i have to put it into prs? And if i have to put it in prs, where?? And what about points? Prs gives points only when you die or drown!
  6. Please fix the download link! Can't download it!
  7. Cyber

    Countdown script!

    Thank You lil Toady!
  8. Could someone please write a !countdown script for me? It should look like this: Cyber says: !countdown 5 4 3 2 1 Go Go Go!!! Btw: It's for MTA:SA RACE! Thank you!
  9. Maybe you didn't log in?! Type in console: RCON_login
  10. Cyber

    !addcash command

    Yea! This should be very usefull for my server too!
  11. The same problem with my server! I can download those files fast, but others no!
  12. # # 1 I think this must be set to 0 if your using external http server!
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