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  1. Could you please reupload it somewhere ? The link doesn't work ;O ...
  2. lol didn't know its a command ... ! Anyway thanks for helping me/us
  3. Hi, I'm gonna edit a hydra video for two stunters. It will be filmed everything in the replay of the singleplayer. But we will record the final scene in MTA DM. Both pilots fly into a tunnel. One from the one entrance and the other from the the other one. In the middle they will have a crash. We just don't wanna have the chatbox in the frapsed clips. Sure I could zoom in or make a border which lies over the chatbox but we want this project in high resolutions. The question is now: Could someone try to make a script which disables the chatbox per a button which is bound or something like that
  4. Nice script. But one thing: Could you change some buttons? In the SA stunting scene many stunters use the 'San Andreas Control Center (SACC)'. Those commands are the same. Would be just helpful to have the same buttons in MTA like in the singeplayer. But not all functions should be in it. Would be: 'Num Pad Divide' - Move Forwards (accelerate) 'Num Pad 7' - Rotate Car Left 'Num Pad 9' - Rotate Car Left 'Num Pad +' - Move Car Up 'Num Pad Multiply' - Freeze vehicle at current position That move backwards, left and right shouldn't be there. Hope you know what I mean. Maybe would be good if
  5. Yes... its a jump. But to using that stunting method ("Taxi wallclimb") I just need that bunnyhop of the Taxi/Cabbie from the singleplayer. It won't work with just a normal jump or a speed boost in MTA. Those speed boosts and bunnyhops are useless. It must be exactly the bunnyhop of the singleplayer. And only the Taxis & Cabbies should be able to use these boosts. The boosts in midair should be disabled. And the button to jump would be better if its "H". In the singleplayer the Taxi/Cabbie jumps substitutes the hydraulic. Btw: thx for trying to help
  6. Maybe it would be possible to bind players into a custom group (clans, crews, admins, moderators, banned and so on) which has an own color. For example all normal clients have a white/default name color and the groups have own. But the command looks so long, should be shorter. In this example an admin is logged in and he is in the admin group (admin group color color: green). The color for the clan [ABC] is blue. Player0815: Hey Admin123, I joined the [ABC] clan. Could you set me to the group now? Admin123: /setgroup Player0815 [ABC] Console: Player0815 has been setted to the [ABC] group b
  7. I DON'T JUST WANNA DRIVE ON A WALL! I JUST WANT TO UNLOCK -> !!THAT!! <- TAXI - BOOST/JUMP IN MTA! AND WITH -> !!THAT!! <- TAXI - BOOST/JUMP I COULD MAKE A WALLCLIMB LIKE IN THOSE VIDEOS (IN MTA)! So i just wanna have thoseTaxi/Cabbie - boosts unlocked in MTA (which are getting unlocked in the singleplayer when the player finishes the Taxi/Cabbie missions!)!
  8. You must tap that hydraulics button again when u arrive the wall. Just tap it 64789563567 times as fast as you can ... Its just a practiceing thing. And I just want to have that boost on a MTA server. The thing is the Cabbies/Taxis shouldn't just jump. I need exactly THAT jump of the singleplayer to climb a wall in MTA!!!!!!!!!! That interstate jump deosn't work and its not that what I'm searching for!
  9. Sure I know how to add upgrades... but thats not what I am talking about. Did you ever finished the Taxi/Cabbie missions in the singleplayer? If not try a 100% savegame. Enter a Taxi/Cabbie and push the hydraulics button (you should drive faster than 30km/h). You will see that the Taxis/Cabbies will make a jump like a bunnyhop! You can only unlock that "bunnyhop" with finishing the Taxi/Cabbie missions. I want exactly that "bunnyhop" of the Taxis/Cabbies to use it in MTA. Just a script which unlocks that for the Taxis/Cabbies on the MTA server. The server I host is a stunt/freeroam server. Wi
  10. I just added it and it works. Good thanks a lot. Only 3 problems left
  11. I am not sure... but could someone check the teamdeathmatch script. In a map the time was at 9:00 am all the time. I checked the code a few times but I couldn't find something. Pls someone try to help me / find that piece...
  12. I have the same problem ... it sucks to restart the server if too many vehicles were spawned (only a freeroam / stunt map runs on my server). The script would be helpful but it crashes all
  13. The clock should be frozen at 12:00. I don't ned the night on my freeroam server it just sucks to stunt on a map where aren't any lamps. It isn't a small map so its better to have a resource that freezed the time than adding hundreds of lamps.
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