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  1. Looks like a good game, hope it is released. And I hope Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has multiplayer built in so the MTA team can just improve it, if they want to.
  2. yeah sounds like a good idea, can the leader, or the person who creates a gang, chose who is in it so you can see how good they are before commiting? And by the way, if you guys need a beta tester, I can test with 98, that might help cut down on 98 errors, just asking, you know where to contact me Henry
  3. Yeah, I know I mean i'd expect for 98 to run ok, I got 98SE and its really stable, never crashes, my friends have XP hehe they always have wierd errors . Sounds like the MTA team needs some beta testers with 98, I am willing and I have a stable fast com with it so, you want it to work for 98, contact me.
  4. Dont dis VC radio it is awesome, and if you dont like it you can turn it off, just keep changing till you get to the last one, the one after that is the off button. Henry
  5. yeah it was, I searched. I wrote it again under MTAVC general <---MTAVC Ideas--->
  6. I was going to write "if you annihilate an enemies gang" but it would be embarrasing if I spelt it wrong turns out I can spell it o well
  7. I wrote lots of ideas somewhere but the subject was deleted somehow? I think it got lost when making new ones. But it was about GTA VC ideas. Now I will try to write them down again: Ok I reckon you should be able to play in tournaments with your gangs, there should be 30 members in a gang. You should be able to see your gang members on the map but not the enemies. You shouldn't be able to hurt your own gang members. When you kill someone from another gang, your stats should rise e.g. health armor ammo. And when your gang wipes out another gang, each member of your gang should get a mercina
  8. Hi Guys, look if you have any jobs that need doing that don't need some one whos experienced, I am happy to dedicate my time to doing my best. Hope i'm not a nuicence, just wanna help you guys out, keep up the good work, you guys rock. Henry
  9. This is kinda off the subject... I posted a page basicly of ideas for Vice City Multi, it was in suggestion. I had sum really good ideas But I dont know where the topic went it like vanished I hope I find it cuz I wrote sum good ideas, if I dont find it i'l write it again and post it here well i'l c wat I can do... Laters guys Henry P.S. You guys at MTA kick arse
  10. I went onto a massive GTA3-Vice City Forum post and told everyone about MTA and GTAWO hope that some of those people can help out if and when they get it
  11. tontonmax03 if u r part of the GTAWO team, why is your title newbie? Fix it up unless your not with MTA or GTAWO not saying your not though and... If u want i'l beta tester I dont mind, I guess you got about 500 others willing to beta test. Well at least it will be well tested
  12. ok thx anyway i'l see what mta comes up with
  13. Simply when you install MTA it asks you where GTA3 is. uninstall MTA then when you install point to the GTA3 file instead of the MTA install file.
  14. Yeah sorry I ment low ping, fast server. And I did get the 98 patch. But that only stops error 126?
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