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    GTA2 on 3

    Ya, im still here with the team! I'm gonna talk to viper-gts to see if he still wants to help us. Umm, I would also like to change my username, is there a way of doing so? Or could I make a new account with the same e-mail, I dont want to make a new e-mail.
  2. Theres too much health, it takes forevor to kill a bad guy!! im sure you guys will fix this minor stupid thing, and you will have full traffic blah blah in the next version
  3. how is wheather syncing useless? If your driving in the rain, and your sliding around like a fish, if they saw you on theirs, you would look retarded, its completely changes the handling, it may or may not be a disadvantage if there wasnt, depending on the situation.
  4. Cool, but i see you are using the weapon cheat, will this and all the other cheats be disabled in the future to stop cheaters?
  5. You already can walk, you just have to use classic mode with an analog gamepad.
  6. Mushroomhead is not "obscure", they are my favorite band. But I fully agree to everything else you said.
  7. Hurray!!! Now I can get an email that actually means something to me, unlike all the pron that is send to me every day, even after i block it
  8. Descrete

    GTA2 on 3

    You can contact drunkie on teh irc, quakenet #gta2-on3 Meow
  9. I was thinking hard this morning and found a way you guys can have diffrent maps without editing gta3.exe... You have to make all the little maps as diffrent islands, or you can keep Liberty City if you dont want to worry about making new ones. Anyways, to do this you would make a room full of teleporters with the map name above each one like at the ammunation when it says the price, you could then make the admin able to pick which one he wants the server to use by pressing alt+f1-12.
  10. Descrete

    GTA2 on 3

    umm, we have 2 or 3 modellers now and we put the stations in game, althought 2 of them are on the mp3 station , we'll fix this when we find out, we also started changing the fonts.
  11. Descrete

    GTA2 on 3

    I think he means to put all the cars in our FIRST release of the mod, or something.
  12. Descrete

    GTA2 on 3

    Of course we will put the cars in! We need modellers to make them first, can you guys find someone to help us?
  13. heh, red faction, but yeah you could do all sorts of cool things with that. You could also solidify the back off the pickup truck, cause i always fly out of it from the back
  14. wow, double post, umm ill make use of it...uhhh. good work with the mod or something, when 1.0 is finished--not like thats anytime soon, im guessing 6 months, by then it will be in vice city im guessing, its gonna be great.
  15. I think he meant like the back of the mules and similar trucks, how its solid, he wants you to make it not solid so you can go in the back to hide on badguys and shoot them from the back like in war movies. That would be pretty cool though since you could make a mission where you have to smugle ilegal immigrents across a border.
  16. You guys should make it so that the server maker guy canpick to use classes like those in the team games.
  17. Descrete


    I say kinda because Afganistan isnt a problem anymore since it was not the country but the taliban, and no north korea since they are communist and have almost a half a billion people, and they area llied with all other communists so that means we would be facing about 2 5ths of the world. But i think we should just smoke iraq because they are just bad and the war would last like 3 months.
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