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  1. I thought thats what i said? but glad to know that either way itll be fixed...
  2. the underlying problem of why the fire/drown deaths are handled differently maybe a DM problem. The part you quoted (the fix) is easily fixed in script. I made the changes to my ctf.lua and no longer could get myself to respawn after death with the flag.
  3. ive seen this and had some ideas so i started up a server and tested a few cases. In the mode goldcove is where i tested this... **Die by fire or from drowning and you drop the flag but then seemingly pick it up while youre dead and hence the spawning with the flag. **Trying to leave the game area with the flag and the subsequent death work correctly and Ive looked at the code and I would guess its something in the way you die from fire/drowning. Id suggest just dropping the flag somewhere other than exactly on top of the player when they die. Or not do setElementData( player, "col", nil
  4. Jemte

    [W] - The Warriors

    Hello Warriors and welcome to MultiTheftAuto (at least of those who of you who are new ;p)
  5. Only weapon skill stats, if I remember correctly. and to change physical stats you must be using the CJ skin
  6. Jemte


    thats what i was afraid of...just seems like it should be hardcoded but with an option to disable if you only wanted to allow access to certain places to which you could then create your own markers and such...
  7. http://www.mtabeta.com Register there and you can use that username/pass to login to the wiki (im quite certain)
  8. Jemte


    Ive browsed through the documentation but I dont recall seeing anything that disabled and enables access to interiors... did I miss something or is it just for the preview release the markers have been removed?
  9. 1-4-08 Changing a bind in 'Settings' (specifically for DB ... havent tested others) but it does not update properly and I have to exit and restart MTA for the settings to work correctly Doing /hud will remove the hud fromt he screen but not redisplay it once removed [temp fix is to press F11] Using /radar will permanently display the radar on your screen [temp fix it to press F11] Binds for (at least) entering and exiting vehicles takes repeated presses to get a proper response Cars respawning (if you blew them up where they spawn) in their own fire and continually blowing up (if you rema
  10. From the Development wiki... Note: Weapon stats are currently frozen. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=SetPlayerStat and from the Live Changes... Thu 01/03 - ChrML: Weapon skills are now defaulted to high so it looks like the next version they wont be frozen and will hopefully work with the correct animations
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