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    Vehicle change bug

    Have the same problem to, very enoing. I know a bug to. When you die you return as a wrcked car (exploded, and the sound is gone ) But when you change into a boat you will SINK So you can't get furder without dieing Very enoing to.
  2. Dumb resolution? 800x600 is a good resolution.... And i've an 8800gts 320 so i dont think i need a better system . I run widowed you know, and with 16xQ AA SS you dont see the differents to a higher reso. And know someone who ran at 1680x **** ( dont know exactly) and has got the same problem. So.....
  3. Yes i know, but i want MTA DM running on 25 frames So how do you scrupt that? In the 100 level hay server they have had the framelimter on 25/35
  4. But if you set it higher a bit it's the same as MTA Race, and i like that. So how can you do that?
  5. Over that minimize problem. Go play windowed you can minimize it then Why i cant upload the file to do this? I put it in a rar ?!
  6. I was playing in the SG ( seriousgamers) server with the server creator. ( it's locked for now because they're scripting and testing it) We were driving in a map from MTA:race and when the server admin deleted my car and i was able to walk there was no lag! No sliding. When the server admin give himself a care again ( after he walked) i went into his car ( with G ) and he was driving perfectly. Sometimes still sliding on the ground but it was much less then normal Maybe it won't happend to everyone but i thought i should post it here, maybe you can find the error now Bye all.
  7. the camera doesnt "teleport" anymore. is just moves fast... this results some issues with objects, respawn of objects, in some specific maps That's one of the most anoing things. Home build maps have to take loading when you are passing them. So if the camera don't teleport rather then moving there isn't enough time to load and you fall right through them... In MTA Race the camera does teleport... Much better!
  8. Hi. I was playing in a hay server a few minutes ago and they had a framelimit. They say 30 but i think it was 25 or something cuz i didn't get higher then that ( record with fraps and they record with Xfire and Xfire sucks at fps recording ^^ ) And they had 100 levels of hay very nice done i think. But how do we lower the framelimit? Should be very nice in a race server ^^
  9. I agree with the last post of Ramrod . Some more suggestions 1) I like the original CJ on a motor bike And now he has a motorjacket and a helpet, i dont like that. 2) If you die, you don't wanna see your wrecked car.. So if there are a few seconds respawm go direclty to spectator mode.. Maybe a few seconds after you explode. 3) Don't fly away when you die, I don't get the qlue of that 4) Ading framelimiter to 25 maybe 30. 5) Always when a map starts you start somewhere ( I think CJ's house) And then you go to the map you have to respawm.. Then the map ( from created objects) Takes
  10. Some suggestion First i like to say that the shooting mode ( Like TDM, DM, and objectives are working very good ( Sometimes cant hit someone but thats becaude the framelimiter isn't on! ) Works very good! But the race part.......................... Why do you make a completely new race mode? Why not taking the other and upgrade it, fixed the lag en desync? And put it in MTA DM? 1) The new Pick ups ( repair vehicle change and nitro) are very ugly and the sound that you hear when you pick them up.. it sounds horrible and slow.. And somtimes all the pick ups are dark white?! And sometimes y
  11. And they always sliding over the floor, it's realy anoing and you cant hit them =/. And when you died you return as a wrecked car Again Take MTA:Race, fix the lag and desync,and put/copie it in MTA: DM. I think it's the best way to create a great race mode and it is easy to do right?
  12. I feel exactly the same feeling. Seems like a step back. MTA:SA Race is much better in terms of race mod. MTA:DM Race mode is just too bugged. Spectator mode, map voting etc.. seems to be miles worse than MTA:SA Race. Indeed! I Hate it. I prefer MTA race mod copied in MTA DM. And if possible fix the lag and desync, and let the other things as they were!!!!!!!!!!!! Like the black screen.... We haven't seen that in RACE.. Why in DM we do see it? And those HUGE SpeedOmeter and DamgeOmeter.. Don't get the qlue of that.. I like the old. And realy REALY the framelimiter MUST be below 30/28 i
  13. Got this problem to, weird lag / desync
  14. Hi all. I'm very happy that MTA: Dm ( Beta) Is released, nog we can finally play it. But there are allot of bugs and glitches etc.. I'm going to show you a few of those bugs. There are more, but if I wanna post them al i'm bizzy till next week . Every bug I post here I will give you some suggestions and tell how it maybe can be better. So if you guys who read this topic are with me, Quote this post and write after al the suggestion if you are whit me or not. First bugs in the race part. ( I wil post screen to make it more easier to understand, I can't speak very good english ) (Screen 1:
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