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  1. This helps lots! thanks also helps alot of RP scripter
  2. I know that command but i don't know how you would be able to send it to that player and when they get it it says who sent it etc.
  3. i mean like how would you make one so you could do like /givecash to people and etc.
  4. BrokenGlass

    /save command

    R@bbit i mean like, say im walking around and i want the place im standing at coordinates to be saved. thats what i mean
  5. I did what you said above, now it shows my lua file but when i try to load it says in server log ERROR: unable to fileOpen; unable to open file...
  6. ok eAI i did what you said and it still doesnt work... i tried both of these <group name="ScriptEditor"/> <acl name="ScriptEditor"/> <object name="resource.ScriptEditor"/> </group> <group name="ScriptEditor"/> <acl name="ScriptEditor"/> <right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="true"/> <object name="resource.ScriptEditor"/> </group> Neither worked. script still didnt show or load
  7. Then how are you doing it if you didnt give it acess?
  8. Yes file browser! just what i was about to ask, thanks! Edit: i selected the directory but its not showing my lua file i dont know if this is the cause but this is what i got in my server.log ERROR: xmlLoadFile failed; ModifyOtherObjects in ACL denied resource ScriptEditor to access commands commands is the script folder
  9. BrokenGlass

    /save command

    So is there any way to find out positions on x y and z. for car spawns etc? i hate using samp debug for it.
  10. I remember seeing this somewhere in the wiki i believe i cant find it now... How do you do a command like say /pm [name] [message] When i tried it only pm'ed myself hehe
  11. viewtopic.php?f=91&t=21009 norby fixed it
  12. I think waiting through all the loading screens to start MTA is not needed. Cant you just have one MTA loading screen then it takes you to the menu?
  13. Mine starts on a black screen also...
  14. I do in my lua file and ive tried it in my map file
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